Review: Milliard Slave Story

When this was announced I was excited, I have adored every Nanase Mizuho work I have read and the thought of them putting their mind to a sex slave story had me brimming with glee. After a longer wait that I would have liked it is here but has that wait resulted in a diminished work or does it live up raised expectations?

The bulk of this book is a focus on the enslavement of Haqua. She is a warrior fighting for the pride and restoration of her noble family after coming into financial trouble. Fighting in the Colosseum where your wish can be granted with a win she is up against a strong warrior king. She loses but the request is something darker and more humiliating than she could have imagined: to become a slave to pay off her debt.

The setup for this is fairly basic but does have a few welcome twists down the line which adds to the enjoyment and furthering of the slave elements. Also whilst basic it does, in minimal amount of time, set up the story well, we know why she is fighting and what is going to happen to her. It doesn’t waffle on with needless details, just the nitty gritty and it is most welcome as it means you get to dive right into the salacious goodness.

The training of Haqua is thorough and has a set routine. Her body is modified, she is forced to operate as an outlet for mens release, she is forced to undergo intense sexual training to learn how to satisfy men and this begins to alter her mindset, her body makes subtle changes as she becomes a sexual release toy. Seeing her wrap her tongue around unknown commoners genitals for change, being lathed in and swallowing cum or being humbly gracious someone has decided to use her as a toilet is most arousing.

My favourite scene with her is when a customer has come forward to purchase her. It’s a fat, ugly prince who she shunned in the past and now he plans to humiliate her but it went in a different way than I expected as he blindfolds her, takes her out in front of numerous nobles and forces her to masturbate and then have sex with her brother. It’s humiliation down the right level, he is taking a high and mighty, haughty, princess and degrading her in front of all those she associated with or wronged and seeing her sink to the depths of depravity.

What I really liked about this is that she may be reluctant she accepts it. She knew the risks of entering the fight and noble as she is accepts the punishment. It sets itself apart from girls who fight and fight which is welcome change. The way she pleasures the customers in a loving manner despite her disgust and accepts her role as a slave when talking with others is wonderful and seeing everything she goes through as her personality changes almost completely is what a good slave training story should show. Sure some of the content may have been done before but the way it presents it lets it rise above others.

There are a few one-shots to bookend the book and they are of varying quality. The first which opens the book focuses on a slave offering herself to a group of guys as per slave requirements. She takes a very ugly, gross man and begins to pleasure him wrapping her tongue around his dick and balls before opening up her pussy abd taking his virginity all the while telling him it’s her pleasure to do this before moving on to satisfying all the other girls. Her mind was already altered to that of a slave and her sultry outfit brought out the salaciousness. The way she went about her duties and the angles showing her doing so were exquisite. Everything here felt like a teaser of what was to come.

Unfortunately the second to last one-shot was much weaker and the only real letdown on the book. Set in a similar fantasy world and following a relatively plain mage and warrior it feels almost generic by comparison and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the content on offer here other than setting. It feels a bit out of place to be honest and would have stood on its own fine as a small slice of vanilla but here it just feels outgunned. The last, shorter one-shot is a bitter better giving us a taste of tentacle play but again felt a bit out of place.

Visually this is sensational. Every panel is full of detail and the characters are simply gorgeous to look at. Haqua who is the main star has a pristine body, thin waist, sizeable breasts, plump body and curves she is divine and seeing her naked, with a lovely dress exposing herself or sultry lingerie is a real treat. The slave at the beginning of the story is similar but has more sizeable proportions and tanned skin whilst the girls in the ending one shot in comparison look flatter, more basic and less appealing.

It helps Nanase Mizuho has an eye for framing and angles that accentuate the beauty of the girls. From full body shots to them crouching and masturbating or being tied up you see the girls in full views and their facial expressions gradually changing to react to the pleasure and humility.

I was really looking forward to this book since it was announced and I am pleased to say the long wait was worth it. It may not be as extreme as other slave focused stories nor does it have a gamut of fresh new ideas but it doesn’t need to when every element comes together nicely and compliment each other resulting in a slave story well worth reading again and again.

Mangaka: Nanase Mizuho
Release: 2012 (Japan), 2016 (US)
Length: 10 Chapters, 1 Volume
Availability: BookDepository, Project-H


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