Review: Photorare -SEX & photograph-

With a name like Photorare -SEX & photograph- you kind of expect certain things including a lot of well, photography focusing on the erotic world. This is the 4th compiled volume from Sanagi Torajirou and one I was itching to check out as it had a fair amount of futa in it, something which he hasn’t tried before. So does he get to grips with this well or should he stick to what he knows best?

Muroto is in the photography club and while still a rookie he is earnest and wants to make his teacher and club advisor Gado proud. Whilst offering her assistance as a model the two gradually grow closer until they develop a sexual relationship. Amamiyas life is going well, almost too well as lurking beneath is another club member wanting to take it in another, more sordid direction and will do anything and anyone to get there.

Blackmail using photos of people engaging in sexually charged acts is almost a staple of rape and mind break series but the setting here makes it feel natural and it works to the stories benefit. Amamiya and Murotos relationship is nice and sweet in a way and perfect for Gado to break it up. The way he goes about this, whilst fairly typical in nature is executed to perfection leaving you wanting more after each chapter. It doesn’t go exactly where you expect either with some surprising developments leading to a wonderfully perverse finale.

Muroto is a fairly bland if honest so fits his role fairly well whilst Amamiya is very earnest so will do anything to stop Muroto and hers relationship from crumbling. This leaves her ripe for the taking. Gado is ugly, over the top, very cunning and single minded with some inventive ways to break and humiliate Amamiya which is what I want from an NTR story. The remaining girls of note are Nao and Sara who hide a secret, they are sex craved and Sara has a dick which she wants to be pleasured immensely.

There is a lot of rape, sex slave acts, humiliation and degradation in this book in fitting with much of Sanagi Torajirous other works. There is also futanari involved which I am happy to say Sanagi has got the feel for showing them off in ways which attracts people like me to them. Naturally if this sounds off putting to you then I would highly recommend you do not read this.

Sex scenes start off relatively vanilla but moments such as Muroto fucking Amamiya in the park keep it interesting. Sara and Noa notice and begin talking to her as she struggles to keep the moans of pleasure in. This ramps up in salaciousness each chapter heaping more humiliation and degrading scenarios onto Amamiya. Muroto is not left out though as he gets a visit by Sara and Nao who provide him with a new kind of pleasure.

Apart from one scene a bit later on I adored each and every moment with Gado training Amamiya right up until the end. She is fiercely reluctant at first but bit by bit crumbles under the avalanche of pleasure. From the body writing meaning she can’t sleep with Muroto, fucking in the school storage shed with rope pulling against her body, Gado sitting on her desk waving his dick before her eyes to shots of her drinking a bottle of his cum as girls question what she’s drinking. It all adds up to the overwhelming breaking factors, you can see her subtle changes every chapter as the well paced scenes kick up a notch.

One of my favourite scenes by far was the scene in the public toilets as Amamiya, wearing the skimpiest, sluttiest and tight fitting schoolgirl outfit you can find is satisfying Gado. He stands on the toilet seat as she pleasures him, masturbating at the same time, she fucks him leaning against the toilets and the cream on the cake is her having ‘phone sex’ at Gados orders. I loved the mix of plays here, turning Amamiya into even more of a toilet in the toilets was fitting and seeing her thoughts weave as she loses her senses through the pleasure is pure bliss.

One scene felt a little off to me though. Basically a long way down the line Amamiya is broken beyond repair and Gado takes her to a love hotel make her rebirth as a slut complete. He dresses her in baby garb like a bib and bonnet and fucks her as she exclaims her newfound inner slut. The ‘rebirth’ type element I could see, being born again as a slut but the way it was presented just did not work for me. I like all the humiliating and degrading outfits I can see but this just felt off-putting.

I also felt the ending one-shots were a bit weaker than what had come before it. Focusing purely on futa which I love it was missing that extra something to it, it wasn’t quite there and I usually skip it in subsequent re-reads.

Visually the manga is up to the high standard Sanagi Torajirou has set. All the girls are voluptuous but main girl Amamiya more so, she is curvy and large breasts which are prime for breaking. Nao and Sara offer a bit of variety though they are still incredibly sexy and alluring with almost idealised proportions. One strong point as always with Sanagi Torajirous work is the angles and memorable shots. Whether it be Amamiya crouching sucking Gados dick in the public toilets, Sara and Nao sat exhausted after fucking the principle and so much more they accentuate the luridness to as high a level as possible.

It is nice to see Sanagi Torajirou tackle a new kink like futa and he brings his A-game as he always does and it results in an incredible work with the luridness turned all the way up. The futa elements are given just the right amount of page time and work well when revealed. This is definitely worth a read despite being a weaker book than his previous but when this is weaker you know how good a mangaka is.

Mangaka: Sanagi Torajirou
Release: 2014
Length: 1 Volume, 7 Chapters
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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