Review: The Sex Sweepers

Covers can be very deceptive as is the case here. I was expecting a series of shorts focusing on perverse activities but got a thorough, lengthy story that drew me in and threw me more than a couple of curve balls. But does that make this a good ero work? When the whole premise is combating morals and using sex as a tool then the answer is a resounding yes.

Set in the future in a special district where morals have fallen into disarray yet people do not realise, the government has created a special unit to combat these and eliminate these vulgar morals. Here there is a school where the morals have fallen into disarray even further, the team is sent to investigate where the source is coming from and to combat this decaying moral compass, they are the Undercover Discipline Committee.

I liked this setup, it is a step above the usual discipline committees you see in anime or manga and the way they go about things is hugely enjoyable. They train both mentally and sexually to combat lack of morals by having rampant sex with each other to train stamina, research into various ways to prevent harm and training with specially made machines such as one featuring numerous dildos the girls must evade.

It is a lot of fun and the developments that come from this all tie together nicely. No stone is left unturned. Twists come thick and fast, each character is given ample page time and development, story threads intertwine and all the while you are engrossed in it. The old saying is plot comes second in ero but here the two are so perfectly mixed it becomes a joy to read.

The characters are a varied bunch with their own traits and quirks. The girls come off more like soldiers thanks to their objective. You have your leader Akino Shinjou, the soldier like combatants Akira Kirisaki and Sylvie and hacker Tomo Gadou. There are a lot more girls along the way and that isn’t including the nefarious group behind the moral breaking. Their use of sex as a weapon is their deadliest threat and results in some really badass action style scenes.

Then you have the main guy Akagi Masayoshi. He has a case of amnesia but the girls spot his sense of justice after the first chapter and recruit him. He seems innocuous at first and pretty bland but the developments he goes through put that to bed. It was a nice way to reinvigorate and change it up.

With a name like Sex Sweepers you’d expect a lot of sex and this delivers just that. Right from the off with a sex slave club like chapter showing off some students sexual control of the teachers with collars and ‘broken’ girls inescapable from this pleasure only for it to throw a curve ball and end up with something entirely reversed as the girls reveal they were in control and were only playing along for their plans.

From there the level of sex ramps up as do the story elements. Sex with Akagi Masayoshi makes up a large portion of this as they have a seeming obsession with recruiting him and keeping him with them as they train him thoroughly. There is normal sex, anal, oral, gangbangs, futanari and so much more on offer here and it all is done in a very rigorous method. This isn’t necessarily sex for pleasure (although that is a large part of it) but sex for power and control and investigating. It’s a very nice twist on this and the character play between them all is a real delight.

Most sex scenes here come off as challenges. One particular one stuck out to me. Kimidori and Sawajiri of the Student Council are going to investigate a class and are offered tea there. They drink it but it is actually laced with a drug that knocks them out and renders them powerless. They are fucked there and then hard for a long period of time but once the drug wears off they use their sexual prowess to overpower and outlast the students and eventually beat them. It’s a very positive note to end on despite bringing up the rape element again and is a lot of fun to see these two girls use their power of sex to dominate others who are nasty.

I have touched on it already but I really want to reiterate my love for them using sex as a tool whether that is through interrogation, investigating a lead or facing off against an adversary. It shows all the girls and guys fully in control in this setting from both sides. It also leads to funny dialogue as the characters mock their fucking prowess if you were. It makes a real refreshing change from the usual methods we see in just about every manga.

The art here is sensational. BUTCHA-U has an instantly recognisable art style and it is on full display here. There are numerous girls and whilst the majority have voluptuous bodies there is variety. From tanned girls, smaller breasts, thinner girls to full on curvy wonders. Each girl is incredibly detailed the polish given on the art only exemplifies this. Camera angles and body positions accentuate the girls most prominent features whilst giving a full display of their scenario.

I came in expecting one thing and came out pleasantly surprised with something else entirely different. A full, engrossing and layered story really elevates this even further to a top tier book. If a thorough story is what you felt was lacking in ero works then I urge you to check this out and if you prefer one-shots and shorter works I still will recommend as it is just too good to put down.

Mangaka: BUTCHA-U
Release: 2014
Length: 11 chapters, 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake, J-List


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