Review: Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker

Monsters, demons, orcs and the like are ten a penny in the ero landscape so to stand out from the rest of the pack a new show really needs to offer a fresh approach or a well executed set of scenes. Here we have Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker based around the Shoujo Senki Soul Eater VN by Lune. With a focus on one character and her sordid hell does it do enough to entice and satisfy?

Lin Kaifeng is a magical warrior who transforms into Brain Jacker to wipe out the demonic chimera from the world. One day she is out patrolling alone which leads her to think back to the horrid treatment she had at the hands of Pegasus when she encounters a new enemy, one which is very dangerous and sure to cause her unimaginable pain and pleasure.

That is basically all I got from it, I have not looked into the game nor anything else and that is a problem. Having no back-story to the games I was a bit confused, it thrusts straight into a scene with characters and little to no setup and only brief character interactions to gauge some kind of felling to the characters. To make matters worse it flickers between flashbacks and the current time making it even more obvious that something substantial has been cut out. Think of it like jumping into the middle of the story, you might be able to get the gist of parts but overall you’ll enjoy it far less than others.

Take away the poor setup and order of things you are left with the sex scenes and here they feature a bevy of hardcore content that is sure to satisfy those like myself for something out of the ordinary. There is stomach defamation, rape, mind break, bestiality and humiliation amongst some of the finer points. It’s what you want from a hardcore ero work and it delivers in spades.

On the rooftop patrolling Lin has a flashback to when she was captured by Pegasus, a mutant like horseman and he begins breaking her. He brings out his incredibly large cock, forcefully fucks her throat before taking her other ways, as his cocks size is so big the pain is unbearable for Lin and seeing the shape of her stomach change to match the impact and size of his cock she breaks easily before wanting more and more. Seeing the vein filled face of Pegasus and him using his hoofs to keep Lin down makes a refreshing and bizarre change. It really brings the demonic elements to the fore before moving back to the current time for some tentacle like play and repercussions of the rape.

Instead of the normal tentacle scenes here we get a rather unique take on it with Medusa. As the name suggests her hair is effectively live snakes that bind Lin, the snakes wrap around her, slithering away before biting her breasts and penetrating her orifices making her scream and gargle in pleasure and agony. It’s a nice take on the normal, mundane even tentacle scenes we know of and the constant shots showing her in the background orchestrating her snakes to do this makes it all the more enjoyable.

The second episode focuses entirely on Lins training by Pegasus. This involves binding her, cuffing her, forcing her to satisfy the many orcs, putting her in stocks with a nose hook before gang raping her and breaking her completely. Some of the stuff here is rather ordinary but oh my was it still enjoyable because each scene got ample screen time instead of chucking in everything they could. Seeing Lins voluptuous body ravaged, abused and degraded was beautiful and some of the moments really stood out to me such as the stocks scene and seeing her crawl around begging to be Pegasus sow.

Other than the way the anime is set out and progresses there was also a sense of blandness to some scenes, more so in the first episode. I have touched on liking the uniqueness of the snake scene but it only goes so far and by a minute or so in it started to feel a tad stale as it didn’t fully evolve into something else. Not only that but Lins breaking came far, far too quickly to Pegasus in episode one. I get that his monstrous cock would have a monstrous effect but for a warrior she fell far too easily in too short a space of time.

The visuals are a treat here but more so in the art department rather than the animation. Both episodes feature a bright colour palette which is refreshing for a series like this where most are set in darker locales. Even in the dungeon like training area there is plenty of colour from the orcs to the surroundings to Lins voluptuous body that shines through. Character art is also very nice with variety and creativity in the characters, especially the villains who look the part.

The animation is more of a mixed bag. There sex scenes look competent if nothing else but outside them there is a noticeable decline in quality which I am somewhat okay with, give the focus where it is needed. The usual tells of scene recycling and the like are present but not overwhelming. The snakes also didn’t quite move smoothly which was a tad off putting but generally everything was okay. The camera angles were on point though moving all around to capture the anguish and suffering via the many training methods from low shots on a wooden horse, wide shots capturing the demon toying with her or Lin ready to mount Pegasus’ large cock.

I found great enjoyment in this in spite of the poor setup and smatter of lacklustre scenes, it doesn’t manage to override it but does a good job of presenting a hardcore ero anime. That said I cannot overlook the poor way it is setup and the almost nonexistent ‘refresher’ for those new to it. Certain scenes make for great re-watches though and that is the standout positive I found.

Studio: Schoolzone
Release: 2011 - 2012
Length: 2 Episodes
Availability: Amazon Japan, Mandarake


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