Review: Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi

Sometimes a character alone can elevate a series that is lingering in the mediocrity territory to a very enjoyable level, other times they can do the exact opposite and take something promising and drag it down. Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi, an anime based on the VN of the same name by Pin-Point has a female lead that fits into this mold with a strong focus on the titular Sukumi but which way does she take this show?

Yui returns to class to pick up a book he forgot only to hear some strange noises. He follows the noise and looks in a storage room to see a classmate Sukumi masturbating. He gets aroused from this he takes out his penis but Sukumi spots him and demands he show himself. With the threat of exposing him she orders him to return to the room everyday as she toys with him sexually.

Usually in these types of situations the boy blackmails the girl but here the roles are reversed and Sukumi takes command which is refreshing. Her orders gradually increase in perverseness each day as she takes charge and it is a lot of fun seeing her do this. She is the driving force behind this and it shows, she controls him but even lets him have his moments of release. Sadly Yui is bland and other than his sexual fetishes could easily be swapped out for another guy.

The sex scenes here are very much of the vanilla variety bar one scene which I will get onto later. They are varied and cover enough kinks to keep it fresh whilst going at a brisk pace which really helped this. Since the girl is taking control I also differs from the vast majority of ero works I consume which also helped.

Sukumi is at first disgusted and mocking of Yui erect penis but quickly comes to find enjoyment from it. She gives him a foot job, allows him to pleasure her orally and in her pussy, she wears different outfits for and goes through various plays such as the maid one where she allows Yui to be the master. She clearly loves the pleasure and her orders become indicative of that reaching new levels of perversion.

I especially loved the finale in the pool; it gives a real nice fresh take on it as well as keeping Sukumis control aspect well intact. She allows Yui to taker her at the pool in her new outfit as he wears a swimsuit of his own, they fuck each other in all manner of positions in the moonlight whilst conjuring up the feelings it’s sweet, funny and incredibly sexy.

There is something about Sukumi that is hinted at which really drew a big smile from me. Each time Yui makes it to the store room there is a conveniently placed new toy or fetish near him which he wants to try out. From new swimsuits to maid outfits to cat ears and anal plugs. I have a suspicion Sukumis perverse side is leaving them there for her own pleasure as she controls him and this is what makes me love her so much. She is in control but wants to try things. Who else would leave around convenient sex toys?

As much as I liked this there was one sticking point, a scene in episode two that came really out of the blue. By this point the pattern of Yui visiting the storeroom everyday is set in but it switches to Yui being tied up and watching as Sukumi is gangraped by her brothers friends. It really came out of left field with no context behind it, one minute playful sex with Yui the next a gangrape. I don’t mind rape and the like in ero works (in fact I love it) but here it did not fit with the tone nor was it hinted at resulting in a jarring tonal shift. The scene was fairly basic but nice I will give it that though.

Visually the show is fairly limited. The animation is smooth for the most part but given the vast majority of this is only the two characters that is to be expected. As the show primarily takes place in a storage room the visuals are rather lacking save for Sukumi and Yui and their sexual plays leaving the colour palette a bit dull but this does bring out Sukumi well so it works. There is variety in the visuals when Yui is having one of his visions of Sukumi in all sorts of fetish outfits which do brighten it up considerably and add a bit of vibrancy.

Sukumi is always wearing her swimsuit which again is a bit limiting but it does spice it up now and then and her body type is less sizeable than I would prefer with a petit frame and almost normal sized breasts and shorter hair. It doesn’t do it as much for personally but she still looks sexy. Yui is, like his character, fairly nondescript in design and could be taken from a bland protagonists pool.

I liked this show a lot more than I was expecting, it is simple and to the point and the characters are rather endearing with Sukumi being quite wonderful in what she will do and how she will act. She is the driving force behind me recommending this show as the vanilla parts can be a bit too tame for me personally.

Studio: Studio 9 MAiami
Release: 2012
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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