Review: Fella Pure ~Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou~ The Animation

Incest related ero works are easily some of my favourite. It is something about the taboo of it that makes me eager to check out how far it can go. That said not all incest related works are good with a lot falling into the mediocre territory. Fella Pure is based on the manga of the same name by Fue and a part of the incest genre but on which side does it fall?

Keiko Mitarai is the student council president and is admired by everyone. While she may seem perfect from the outside she actually hides a secret. When her parents are away she likes to give oral to her brother Noburu has developed quite the love for his cock. Will this stay as it is or develop even further between these siblings?

The student council president, the picture of perfection hiding a dirty secret may be overplayed but I still love it, especially when it takes that extra step which in this case is incestuous acts. It also dives straight into the action with only a few brief but nice setup scenes. It allows for a healthy amount of content and fills in the blanks during the sex scenes themselves whilst never feeling out of place or shoehorned in for it to make sense.

The sex scenes here are both plentiful and salacious. This is a vanilla show so there will be no hardcore content but a couple of things will probably put people off, the obvious one being the incest angle so if that is an issue for you then steer clear of this. The other I will get onto later.

It starts with Keiko pining for her brothers cock on the train with a large amount of innuendo but it quickly turns to the real deal at home. Kneeling on the floor, her ass on display she begins pleasuring her brother with her mouth, sweat running down their bodies, the POV shots shows her lurid movements as she wraps her tongue around his balls and dick. It is sultry and delightful.

From there the actions ups a notch whilst retaining the focus on oral, they finally have sex together to satisfy their urges on the bed, in the chair as his dick rubs against her soft skin and allows her an unrestrained lust for his dick. All of this is showing Keiko as the aggressor, she is intimating this and I like this, very forward girls make a nice change from what I usually indulge in.

I’ve never seen a show pay so much attention and detail to oral and this is what makes is stand head and shoulders above other vanilla works. There are numerous POV shots, x-ray shots and views of her mouth as she pleasures her brother. One particular moment stood out and that is when Noburu starts toying with her mouth, his fingers moving in and about, exposing almost her mouth and throat, playing with her tongue as the saliva smothers his fingers. It is erotic, painstakingly detailed and very arousing. This shows a passion for oral and that particular kink is rather underappreciated in ero works but not here and it shines for it.

One of my favourite scenes involved the use of a hole, like a glory hole they make one between their bedrooms and it leads to some gloriously salacious scenes as you see Keiko approaching the hole seductively, covering it with her mouth or even putting her pussy up there for some extra fun. This also leads to some intense moments as they aim not to get caught by their parents. Again this is something not often seen in ero anime but it adds that extra layer of luridness.

I can see people getting tired of the focus on oral and mouth play as it is very heavy and takes up a large amount of screen time. I had no issues as it is clearly aiming at a particular fetish and it works for that. There is also a scene where Noburu ends up pissing on Keiko after climaxing. This light tread into this kind of content is brief and not really touched upon again but it’s a warning as it isn’t usually something you see in vanilla works as urination is typically designated for hardcore or degrading titles.

Visually the show is very strong and one of Pink Pineapples finer works. For the most part animation is smooth, there are the expected panning shots and recycling of frames but it never overwhelms and you’ll be hard pressed to notice. The camera is always moving about and special detail is paid to Keikos mouth since that is where a large amount of focus is. The inside shots of her mouth with her tongue, dripping saliva at the prospect of Noburus cock are beautiful. It is never something I had given a thought to but here it excels in bringing the luridness of it through.

Part of this comes down to the sensational art. Transitioned faithfully from Fues manga it really does look like his work brought to life and this even improves it as colour adds to the vibrancy, adds to the sex scenes, the close ups and the shots of Keikos mouth honing in almost on her brothers cock. No corners are cut, the intricate details on the bodies are there, the close ups on Keiko, the sweat running down her body, her facial expressions all exude vulgarity. It is a lesson if ever there was one in how to take an artists style and be faithful. Granted budgets may not always permit this but credit where credit is due.

I came into this expecting an enjoyable vanilla but it exceeded my expectations on every level. For me this is the pinnacle of vanilla works and only left me wanting more. For one episode it comes in, sets out what it is going to do, shows off beautifully through luscious sex scenes and wraps up perfectly. Go watch it.

Studio: Pink Pineapple
Release: 2014
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon JP


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