Review: Kyouiku Shidou The Animation

When I saw another Bishop property was turned into an anime I was excited, even more so when I saw that Kagami provided the art so I was more than eager to watch Kyouiku Shidou. At one episode though it falls foul to some common pitfalls and is not able to display its strengths.

Yoshiyuki craves sex, as a teacher he lets this seep into his mindset and sets about targeting the student girls as well as teachers, anyone who he can enslave and satiate his lust. Moving from school to school as a substitute teacher allows him primal opportunities for new flesh to break. The new school offers up a bevy of beautiful girls so who will be first?

The setup is neither original nor is it particularly fresh. I have no issues with that per se but it needs to have something to make it stand out and unfortunately this did not bar the character of Akina, a pink haired teacher who Yoshiyuki had already enslaved in the past, she gives him info to help him enslave other girls. This was a nice little addition that did make it feel slightly more unique. The rest of the content and plot runs pretty much as you’d expect with nary a fresh thought.

A drug laden drink kicks off the episode, after being introduced to and earning the trust of his student Suzumoto her offers her a new sports drink, a bit of indecision later she drinks it but begins to feel some strange side effects. She feels hot down there, alone in the classroom she cannot resist, she needs to alleviate this sensation. Captured on camera Yoshiyuki now begins to play on her mind and blackmails her.

He grabs her, caresses each part of her body, plays with her nipples making her cum before ripping off her remaining clothes and taking her on the desk but he is not satisfied with this and continue to torment her day by day all the while chipping away at her  resistance. With his first girl down it comes to the next one, with the help of his long time slave he gets info on Honjou, after using similar tactics he begins to take down this rich girl with all manner of sexual acts. Being more forceful he fucks her roughly and constantly to ingrain his cock onto her and filling her with cum only to continue the heinous acts.

Honjous scenes were certainly the strongest; they had more variety and some interesting kinks. The playing on her fear / excitement of being gang raped when she was younger was a lot of fun and led to salacious scene where she is surrounded by dildos, with more taped to her hands as Yoshiyuki forces her to relive her ordeal, to let her real feelings of wanting to be gang raped realised to her. It was the highlight of the episode without a doubt. Playing to those fears was clever and the influence of the drug only helped.

For a one episode show it does get down to business relatively fast and is chock full of content. Unfortunately a lot of this content has been done many times before and here it feels largely stale. There are only so many times I can see a girl get drugged and enslaved before it becomes so-so and Suzumotos scenes in particular gave off this feeling with her familiar design and honest to a tee personality. It needs to exhibit something unique or failing that execute it well enough to stand above its contemporaries but it falters.

It is also unfinished; it says as much at the end when Yoshiyuki declares who will he go for next. There are more girls for Yoshiyuki to go after as he lists his targets mid episode and more in the VN but he doesn’t, it just ends like it was part way through a story before an abrupt end. Little is resolved. I have no problem displaying a route or two as a promotion for the game but it still needs to at least try and craft it differently so it finishes somewhat conclusively.

Visually the show is strong and one of the saving graces. The art is taken from well known VN artist Kagami and his influence shines through. It may not be perfectly replicated from the VN but is close enough. Both Suzumoto and Honjou look gorgeous with Honjou in particular with her large breasts, delectable curves, long blond hair and all round voluptuous frame. Suzumoto in comparison is your normal looking yet still beautiful girl with sizeable proportions.

The animation is also very smooth, scenes flow well and movement looks natural. The camera angles always captures the scenes perfectly from emptiness and risk of Suzumoto masturbating alone or Honjou pleasuring herself with a tennis racquet. It knows how to portray them in the most perverse of lights. I cannot fault the production values on this show, they went fairly high budget and it shows.

It is hard to recommend this as it feels unfinished. If anything I’d say it’s a good introduction to this type of genre in that there is nothing extreme, it features relatively normal looking scenes and it looks really good. Those who, like myself, have seen umpteen numbers of these will only find small comforts, it’s a shame as Bishops works have usually entertained me but this feels like something rushed through to promote the game.

Studio: Milky Animation, Studio Eromatick
Release: 2010
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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