Review: M-Ogui Last Order

Another anime and another ero one shot, this time based on a manga by Shinsaku Kurosugi called Buchiage!. What looks like just another ero anime actually turns out to offer a very different flavour than seen usually in the ero world. Does this mean it can stand on its own and present an entertaining and arousing episode though?

Rina and Shiori are two women out on the town and in a bar for a drink. When the owner tries to stiff them by overcharging and threatening them he learns of their true nature as leaders of an infamous gang. Angered they now set their minds to punishing them by any means necessary.

The setup was certainly enjoyable; having the girls fight back makes a refreshing change from most ero anime where the same scenario would have them as the victims. Seeing their gang mentality come to the fore was a lot of fun as they had their way with the workers there ruining their lives for trying to stiff them even if one of them was reluctant in doing so. There wasn’t much to either girl other than said mentality but really it was all that was needed.

In terms of actual sex scenes it is basically just one long one set in the same place with minor changes in the content. This was very unusual to me as I haven’t seen it before or since. This contains a lot of rape, forced sex between others and domineering girls.

The actual sexual action was a nice blend of reverse rape as the girls took full control. They begin to undress Erika, almost caressing her before making her fuck the other waiter Tamura whilst they set their sights on Kenji the owner. They rip his trousers off, toy with his dick, grabbing hard and forcefully make him pleasure them.

Escalating the actions further until they are naked and forcefully having their way with him, forcing him to lick Shiroi and then Rina out whilst making him their bitch, their ruthlessness seeps into their sexual ways. Having fun with him, toying with him gives them great pleasure and satisfaction before they dispose of him after his usefulness has gone.

The forcing of waitress Erika and waiter Tamura to have sex with each other was another nice brutal element. They were complicit in what transpired and so are as much to blame as the owner Kenji who is actually Erikas boyfriend. Seeing them forced to fuck, tears rolling down both their eyes as they realise their lives are falling apart is the most beautiful of revenge. A special mention to Rina forcing Erika to sip the semen from her pussy after raping Kenji which was a lovely touch.

I haven’t really described much in the above and that is because there isn’t much to go over. There is one long sex scene and that is about it, sure it transitions into different plays and they are incredibly arousing but there isn’t much to talk about strictly in regards to this, it is very basic which does hinder it.

The other issue I have is the length. It comes in at around 16 minutes which is fairly normal these days but that is it: one episode at 16 minutes which features a very nice sexual scenario but little else. It almost hints at more to come near the end but does not deliver. It is as bare bones as it gets and none of the elements are strong enough on their own. I want to see more of Rina and Shiori putting men in their place and ruining relationships while having fun but nothing. It is frustrating.

Visually the show is lovely if limited. Set in a bar the colours and lighting really show of the night vibe well with nice backgrounds. The girls themselves match this as well with bold and bright outfits, a gyaru like look as both are tanned and distinct facial features. Their bodies are fairly similar in being slightly thin but still sexy with nicely sized breasts and delightful curves. The other characters are rather nondescript apart from Erika who is much more voluptuous so the focus naturally shifts to her as well as Rina and Shiori.

The animation keeps up though on multiple occasions there is clear use of scene recycling and it is very noticeable through many of the scenes. It was clearly on a budget and this shows. Other than and some slower movements it looked okay and flowed well with the varying camera angles really showing off the girls dominance and control of the situation.

At the length it is it’s hard to criticise too much, as an advert for the manga it has worked for me as I’m interested in seeing more of the Kurosugis works. The refreshing change of direction and content is most certainly a plus as it is rarely seen in ero anime but if felt a tad lacking.

Studio: MS Pictures, BOOTLEG
Release: 2013
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Amazon Japan, Mandarake


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