Review: Netorare Kataomoi

I’ve expressed my admiration for Sanagi Torajirou before so when a new work of his comes up I fill with a sense of excitement. What new lewd method will he implement next? Just how defiled will the girls become? But there is a sense of fear that a beloved artist will not falter but underwhelm, will Netorare Kataomoi be in the latter camp or continue his lewd reign of terror?

The main story is the cleverly named Erect Elect. In a school where teachers who sexually harasses students no one can do anything about it for fear of being held back. There is hope though, held every year’s a beauty pageant, the winner can make school one rule alteration. Kinagawa Satstuki, sick of the teachers repugnant ways decides she wants to change it, problem is as a former delinquent she isn’t exactly popular. Her friend Kirishima will help her but waiting in the wings is Ureshino Iroka, the schools premier beauty ready to win by any means necessary.

While the teacher sexually harassing students may not be new the idea of a beauty pageant winner changing one rule in the school is. It injects a competitive element as it opens up with Irokas fucking all the boys she can for votes to guarantee winning. She’s smart using her voluptuous body to her advantage. Sex is just a means to control for her.

There is a lot of questionable content here, netorare, mind breaking, gangbangs, humiliation and rape (kind of, in a grey area). If any of that sounds off putting to you then this is simply not the book for you. This is right up my alley though.

Erect Elects offers and array of delectable scenes from Iroka’s rooftop gangbang, Satsuki’s pleasure finding to the gym orgy during the beauty pageant itself which fill the majority of the scenes, the latter hosts some standout scenes including a particular favourite of mine. The girls crouch on ballot boxes, wearing nothing but thigh-highs, laced in cum and sweat being fucked, still attempting to win by being the best slut whilst using sticks to make the other girls face look pig ugly. It is degrading, humiliating and oh so salacious.

Another standout to is Satsukis breaking. Satsuki and her friends take out their frustrations on some boys via sexual punishment (including unique lollipop use), Satsuki is called to Principals office to apologise but is quickly doused in a bucket of aphrodisiac and subjected to some perverted atonement. Made to wear an incredibly lewd maid outfit showing off all her assets the aphrodisiac begins to warp her mind to the point the smell of the Principals dick warps her mind. Every page you turn her eyes deepen into a trance like state, she begins to beg for more, being less shameful before atoning for her sins with her body. It is almost exactly what you want out of a breaking and I have re-read it multiple times.

Two areas disappoint me though and come down to pacing and underdevelopment. My above adoration for Satsukis breaking was tinged with slight irritation. A breaking needs chapters properly building up to that breaking point but here it’s done within a matter of pages like flicking a switch, some build-up yes but then seemingly skips a stage. The feeling of seeing a girl succumb to the pleasures of the man she detests is a real highlight but here it is partially rushed through.

The netorare elements also fall a bit flat as Satsuki and Kirishima are close but never really get intimate or sexually involved so while it does pop up slightly from Kirishimas point of view it never really feels fully developed.

The one-shots are the strongest I’ve seen in a work by Sanagi Torajirou. Focusing on a tennis player becoming forlorn with her captain instead of her friend, an amnesiac girl tricked into loving an ugly loner and a mum blackmailed into sex so her son can have a friend. Each bring something fresh to read considering what came before it whilst still fitting in to the general theme. They also focus more on the netorare element than the main story which I appreciated.

The amnesiac chapter was my highlight of the three because of its fetishes. I thought it was a unique take on memory loss it and not one I’ve seen before, taking an innocent girl, implanting these perverse ideas into her and her body was lovely. To top it off the guy implanting the ideas is an ugly, gross guy which is a beloved kink for me.

The remaining two were equally as strong. The tennis girl story had some perverse elements such as the girl being blindfolded, no panties and pussy wet begins crawling to her friend and captains dicks as she picks the one she desires the most. The shots of her on all fours, sniffing the dicks, crawling over were succulent. The blindfold is the added touch as she has become so much of a slut, so transfixed on that dick she can pick it out. The mother chapter as I’m calling it was more perverse with some really enticing scenes showing off the mothers desperation and sex induced spiral into depravity.

One aspect of Torajirous work that will never be in doubt is his artwork and oh my is it still ever so beautiful to look at. The girls he draws all have voluptuous bodies, curves to die for, huge breasts and to top it off the angles he uses to accentuate these just get stronger and stronger from tight lockers, the girls on all fours begging, leaning over stretching their ass and pussy or crouching with cum dripping from their exposed pussy. A special mention for the sexy costumes, they expose just enough to tease, shame and arouse, it’s wonderful to see what comes next. If you are looking for variety in body types though this is not the artist for you and I am fine with that.

I greatly enjoyed this new volume from Sanagi Torajirou. His works seem to grow and improve with every volume. Two minor complaints are the biggest I can muster which says a lot. If you are at all into this type of ero work then I highly recommend this. You’ll find yourself a new treasured ero-mangaka in no time when reading.

Mangaka: Sanagi Torajirou
Release: 2017
Length: 1 Volume, 7 Chapters
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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