Review: Onna Kyoushi Ichikawa Miyuki

Teacher based works are a dime a dozen but still hold a lot of love from me in the ero world and when one comes from Hakaba I had to go for it as soon as I saw it available. I’ve yet to be disappointed by Hakaba so obviously I was looking forward to this with enamour so does it live up to expectations or represent a rare misfire?

Miyuki is a teacher and has an eye for one of her students, after seducing, having her way with and even going to his house under teacher checking she thinks her life is perfect. One teacher though, a scruffy, ugly man has taped her doing a sordid act with him and blackmails her into becoming his personal sex slave. To protect herself she goes along with this depravity but does not know the lengths she will have to go to and endure.

I know you’re thinking ‘really?’, yes this plotline has been used numerous times to the point where exceptional execution is the only way to keep you engaged. The plot may go down familiar routes but there is the odd spice here and there to keep it somewhat fresh. Thankfully Hakaba makes it worthwhile.

This manga contains a lot of hardcore and nasty elements. Rape, gang-rape, humiliation, BDSM, pissing and more feature. If any of that sounds off putting to you then stay away from this, it’s simply not for you. For the rest of us though, let’s dig into this sordid goodness.

The tale of Miyuki gradually increases in depravity over the course of the story, at the beginning she is just a teacher enamoured with her student which provides some vanilla sex scenes although done in Hakabas style makes them appealing. It is only from there where the real fun begins.

Miyukis new master begins to blackmail her, starts softly with oral in the toilets but the demands escalate. Arriving at her house with his other slave in tow he begins the training in earnest. Making her strip she displays visible signs of disgust she gets on top of him, begins kissing and rubbing against his body while his slave begins to toy with her, playing with her pussy to make her cry out in pleasure before her master has his way with Miyuki. I really liked the escalating levels of depravity here. You can see Miyukis body begin to react differently, her facial reactions begin to change to acknowledge the disturbing pleasure.

Two big scenes stood out to me. With bondage outfit on, showing off her ass and accentuating her perverted physique her master takes her to the school to show the teachers and after a quick humiliating walk with a leash end up at a seedy club. Forced to wear a masquerade-esque mask and provocatively dance for all the disgusting guys pleasure. What starts off horrible begins to drag Miyuki into a pleasure she hadn’t felt before. Every page her actions dive deeper into this sordid cesspit before descending into an orgy. I love strip club and pole dancing so this felt incredibly erotic in its escalations and seeing Miyuki change, both mind and body to this was lovely.

The second is the gangbang at the masters house. His slave invites over teachers and parents so that Miyuki can atone for her sins. She’s blindfolded, tied up, gagged and just waiting to cum. When revealed to the others she has brief fright but then goes on to salivate at the thought of getting fucked and shamed by all these guys. They are rough with her, yanking her hair, violently thrusting into her, making her beg for more. Then after tying her up the schools fat, ugly principal arrives to fuck her, cradling her gagged face before pushing his weight down onto her. The build-up here, the range of emotions Miyuki goes through to the ending which sets up for more is a site of rough pleasure to behold. A teacher being downtrodden, humiliated all the while realising that she craves this is what I want out of mind breaking.

Hakaba for me has always been the master of salaciousness. They just know how to depict bondage, humiliation and the like in an extreme if not violent way. The way Miyuki is treated, every panel showing her weakness, degrading into a cum receptacle is just a joy to see and read. The mind breaking is perfectly paced with the length of the story. There are many more scenes to read as well displaying her descent into a filth induced spiral but I won’t spoil the rest for you.

One part of the book I did not like is the second story revolving around a new teacher. This story is more wholesome but still features bondage and hard elements. The reason I was not so keen on this is down to the content involving the male student and cross dressing. Neither of which I like and so getting through it was a slog. Boys are simply not my thing, I had the same problem in Koukai Benjo which turned me off. When I read or watch ero works I want the focus on the girls and what happens to them. If you don’t mind boys then you might find enjoyment here but for me it was severely limited.

Visually Hakabas distinct artwork comes to the fore. Miyuki has a slender body, ample breasts and long legs with shapely hips. The masters other slave is similar in body shape. The both wear a lot of latex and the toning on that leaves a shine effect with light coming off them just like real latex. Miyuki is beautiful to look at and the outfits she’s forced to wear really bring out her luridness. From the latex outfit to the thigh highs they display her body in the most vulgar of ways perfectly.

Whether bound, dancing in the club or giving blowjobs the panels display herself and her situation in a humiliating, shameful manner always showing off her assets with the majority of her body in frame. The full body shots in particular highlight her plight showing off every angle of her body as she succumbs to the pleasure.

Facial expressions play a big role in how Miyuki is being inflicted with pleasure. From the distorted ahegao faces to pig like faces you know exactly how she is feeling without needing to look at her body. A special mention to all the little details, from the stench coming off her master to signify his repugnance or tears and snot constantly running down Miyukis face to contrast against her body feeling that she wants this.

This is a book I can recommend to lovers of bondage or the teacher dynamic. It adds enough new to keep it fresh and the scenes themselves are exquisite examples of both bondage and hardcore action. With the only minor blip for me personally the second story for reasons outlined I can safely say this is another reason I adore Hakaba.

Mangaka: Hakaba
Release: 2017
Length: 1 Volume, 8 Chapters
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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