Review: Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seito Kaichou

Inomaru is a mangaka I instantly fell in love with, their art style was distinct and the array of different genres they worked in was something that hooked me in my early foray into hentai. They just keep pulling me back for every work. Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seito Kaichou is the first work I read of their, it was many years ago now have revisited it so many times I’ve lost count. That should tell you how highly I rate this so lets find out why shall we?

Hanahira Misao is the school council president in her school, she is tough and strong willed but the principal is perverted and targeting her to make her his sex slave. Attempt after attempt foiled he eventually manages to get a break and finally gets the girl to do his sexual bidding. Just what will he have in store for her and how much will he humiliate her?

The perverted teacher chasing after a student is not new but here it is done somewhat with somewhat humorous tone to start with. Yes he wants to fuck this girl but his attempts to do so lead to a series of unfortunate accidents forcing Misao into precarious and humiliating positions with the boy she likes. The principal is always out of luck which makes it all the sweeter when he finally does get his girl. What comes after is a surprise as well as twists unfold and greater plot points come to the fore. It’s a nice to see this amount of attention to the plot and it makes it so much better because of it.

This manga contains a fair few different types of sex scenes, a variety of which is sure to please. That said while most it light hearted and even vanilla there are some aspects later on in the book such as rape, blackmail and the like which is going to put some off so be warned.

The chase from the principal is light hearted here, he has perverted intentions but it is a lot of fun seeing him fail time and again and only end up pushing his target into the arms of her crush. From lacing her with an aphrodisiac where she become lusty as the principal watches on hoping to pounce to stealing her clothes when she is in the shower forcing her to run through the school naked. As a lover of exhibitionism this was a stand out to me. She hides well and the principal is trying to drive her into his clutches.

Another stand out scenes is the model work. Claiming they are short of a model the principal convinces her to be an almost nude model for an art class. After encouraging the boys to get a feel for the subject they being groping her body from breasts to pussy toall around, as she stands there being touched, feeling a sort of pleasure she eventually escapes thought the help of Morota, a boy in the council that she develops strong feelings for after ending up with him through these sordid attempts to humiliate her. The sight of her in a bikini modelling being groped by a number of boys with the principal leering on is a lovely site.

After the chase though comes the catch and this is where the material takes a darker turn. Blackmailing Misao the principal first starts by making her strip down and lick his ass. From there the acts become more and more sordid humiliating her at every turn in an attempt to break her mind and body. I adored many of the scene here, all designed to break her, from forcing her to have sex with his brother, bounding her, forcing her to watch her lover fuck someone else or being led around the school naked. Each one amplifies and increases in perverseness with the hope of breaking her. They’re done in interesting ways as well as there is a part where Misao is forced to watch all these acts while bound to try and crack her layers.

I mentioned it before but the pacing and the escalation of salacious acts is nigh on perfect. It starts basic but scene by scene the intensity increases, Misaos peril draws ever closer and the sordid acts begin to stack up. I was excited to see what scheme would come next from the principal or what sordid act he would inflict upon Misao. All the while crafting Misaos relationship with Morota, keeping her out of the principals reach makes that climax ever sweeter.

Visually this looks great. Inomaru has a distinct art style that displays more so in the facial features. Misaos body isn’t entirely voluptuous though she does have plentiful breasts. She looks almost like a normal girl would with no outlandish proportions though she still looks beautiful, refined. The faces stick out more so, it’s hard to describe but when she’s blushing, contemplating the salacious acts or even erupting in pleasure her expressions do seem to stick a bit to the same template with little variation, it is the only negative I can think of here.

Misaos body is usually in the shot, from the ‘chase’ segments where she has to endure embarrassing positions such as going through school naked the panels always displays both her body reacting to that scenario and her facial expression whilst going through it. The angle wants her body to be on display, to emphasise her curves, ample breast and the like no matter what scenario she is in and I loved this. Always having her in shot makes allows you to see every part of her react.

This is absolutely a recommendation for those who like netorare and humiliation. It builds up both elements quite nicely and the content escalating in terms of luridness throughout the book is a highlight. The gradual build pays off. There is a sense of fun but that shifts and it always remains sexually enticing. For a take on the pervy teacher aspect this injects enough fresh material and execution to make it worthwhile.

Mangaka: Inomaru
Release: 2010
Length: 1 Volume, 8 Chapters
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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