Review: Juvenile Pornography THE ANIMATION

Whenever a distinct ero artist’s work is transitioned from the page to the screen there is always the risk of ruining, however minor, the level of art they are known for. When it comes to Mizruyu Kei we have had differing results of this in the past but along comes Juvenile Pornography, an adaptation by Office Takeout of their one shot. Does it stack or up and is the content even enough in the first place?

The story or premise is rather simple. A boy is playing with his friends in the park, when time to go home comes he notices a beautiful looking woman sitting there reading a book. He goes up to her, asks what she is reading and she starts reading out some erotic lines. She then turns to the boy, kisses him and invites him back to her place for some more.

That’s it, its bare bones and straight to the point. We don’t even find out the womans name in this, all we know about her is that she scouts out potential boys to have sex with while sitting in the park and is beyond sex crazed. I suppose we don’t need any more than that and it does get down to the action fairly quickly. It’s a straightforward simple setup.

While this show does feature consensual acts and is basically a vanilla show it does contain shota. That may be off putting to some, there are younger depictions out there and this doesn’t focus on the boy too much but if it in any way is not your thing then be warned.

There is basically one big scene here with two minor moments bookending them, I like the bookending moments, short though they were they both setup the main action and teased more to come for both characters. Basically she kisses him and wraps her tongue around his before taking him to hers and the latter scene involves some oral in the park.

The main meat comes with the unnamed woman in her apartment. She strips down to her lingerie, begins teasing the boy, asking him to remove her panties to unveil her soaking wet pussy. Then he strips down and her eyes light up as she begins to tenderly have her way with him. With her body rubbing against his, leg spread over him she beings to pleasure him.

This escalates from there as the wait is too intense for her, she gets on top of him and begins to thrust up and down before getting the book she was reading out and reading out some of the intense lines all the while having her sordid way with him.

For one big scene that escalates this was fine. The animation didn’t exactly help (more on that later) but the art made up for it. It’s generally your run of the mill sex scene as the woman is in total control. Nothing outlandish just some standard sex, no anal or anything but the woman does visibly get into it more so as her facial reactions tell. The nymphomaniac angle I always like, especially her controlling the situation and while it is not expanded upon as much it has the right base.

I did really like the moment when the unnamed woman started reading lines from the ero-novel while having sex with the boy. It showed the transition from fantasy into reality for both of them and you could hear the excitement in the womans voice. There was also a nice little twist regarding this that put a smile on my face and further showed the true nature of the woman.

There isn’t much else here, the sex scene is vanilla and outside a couple of splices that is it. I am not one for vanilla shows unless it has something truly great to stand out and that just doesn’t happen here.

Visually this is very much a mixed bag. The animation is on the lower end, lots of panning shots, slow movement and still images. That said there are some lovely angles to take advantage of the situation and show of the unnamed woman from panning shots down to her pussy to taking off her panties to reveal her wet pussy. The focus is always on the womans salacious body which I liked given the shota inclusion.

The art here is in a similar position. The unnamed woman certainly looks lovely with a delectable voluptuous body but it does miss some of that Mizruyu Kei style. Her designs are distinct, the way she draw the body, their proportions and especially their facial expressions. Here while you can tell they are derived from that kind of feel a bit like a cheapened version of it. The body feels a bit off, the facial expressions feel a bit toned down and there are some off proportions every now and then which is more a production error than anything else. It’s not bad but just okay. The woman still has an attractive design and her lingerie is succulent but it just lacks that extra polish.

My feeling towards this ero work is simply indifference. It had some nice aspects and I adore sex crazed women usually but maybe it’s because of the shota thing but it never found it’s mark for me. There are certainly worse ways to spend your time but I would recommend going and reading the one-shot instead.

Studio: Office Takeout, BOOTLEG
Release: 2017
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Amazon JP


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