Review: Seikatsu Shidou!! Anime Edition

One part of the ero landscape I am indifferent to are lolis. I’m not uncomfortable with them but can see the reasons why, no, they just don’t do anything for me unless the design is fantastic. Seikatsu Shidou!! is a new anime based on a doujin by URAN, a notable loli artist who is also behind a favourite manga of mine (Mujaki no Rakuen) so what can this offer and which side of the coin will land?

The story here revolves around a perverted teacher Narashi Bouto targeting his students and thinking of ways he can have his sordid way with them through the guise of life guidance. That’s basically it; there is no overarching rhyme or reason for this other than he is a pervert who thinks he can get away with this. I’m not a big fan of this approach, I’d rather something like an end goal but we don’t have that here save for an ‘alluding to’ end. It comes across as merely a collection of his acts.

This anime does involve rape and forced sexual actions as well as the elephant in the room: loli. If any of this sounds off putting to you or simply does nothing for you then steer clear of this anime, it won’t change your mind.

All scenes here are short, Narashi has his way with a girl, each in a different way but all last around 2-3 minutes. I think it works in a way because each girl has their own specific guidance which keeps it fresh and there are girls who get a bit of a different take such as Mikan.

Mikan, seeing the site of Sakura being pleasured by Narashi she feels a sensation, running into the toilets she begins to masturbate as she starts feeling hot from it. After Narashi catchers her he begins to torment and punish her while brining out pleasure in her. It’s short and sweet and as a lead on from another girl makes it feel a bit more connected.

Two highlights for me are Sakura who was the lead in to Mikan, the teacher Narashi is teasing her pussy by rubbing a ruler against it and her panties before playing with her nipples and forcefully taking her on the deck and confiscating her panties as they are against school rules.

The other is Nana in the gym storage room. More life guidance is being handed out to her as she performs oral on Narashi and he slaps her ass. She cums and as punishment Narashi ties her up helpless to a hurdle with it digging into to her pussy and he leaves her to atone for not holding back. This stood out to me more so for the forcefulness and the punishment style play which I love.

The rest of the scenes are okay if forgettable ranging from the girls changing room, in the school tannoy room to a scene involving a girl drugged and barely conscious which doesn’t do it for me. A shame as the girls designs are nice.

It’s all just so, there, it doesn’t excite enough and the quickness of how each girl is done away with makes it hard to get too much out of it. It doesn’t help that the girls for all intents and purposes are nameless. I had to go through a couple times to catch their names because they are mentioned in passing. There is nothing to these girls, no hint of their attitude / character bar minute comments from Narashi. They’re there for a purpose and that is it.

The animation here is rather limited, long panning shots, slow movement and frequent use of still images are present and very noticeable. There is also a stretching technique used to make the girls have more of an expression but it feels off. If it had any other character design then this wouldn’t stand out to me as it nears the lower end of the spectrum for animation.

The art is by URAN, a mangaka who is well known for his loli drawings and they come to the fore here. From the moment you see Ais face you know URAN is behind it, his art is that intrinsic, the petit frames, almost long like facial expressions are noticeable and it helps a lot here. I find lolis to be one of the hardest characters types to like as they can be too extreme for my liking but here they are just right.

I did enjoy these episodes somewhat, more so because I love the art from URAN but otherwise these are a dime a dozen, there is nothing new or fresh here and the execution doesn’t elevate it. Loli ero-anime are few and far between so this satiates that thirst. If you’re coming here expecting a smattering of plot elements then look elsewhere as the primary focus is on the sex scenes and at a total of 25 minutes it does the bare minimum. Go read the doujin instead.

Studio: Chippai
Release: 2016
Length: 2 Episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon JP, CD Japan


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