Review: Kunoichi Botan

Net anime is not a new thing, they’ve been around for a long time but this is the first time I’ve encountered a net ero-anime. The previews I saw had a ninja being sexually toyed with and that is most certainly my kind of thing but does Kunoichi Botan offer anything fresh and does it even do well with what it has?

The plot here is minimal. A ninja named Yasuzu has been captured and sexually tortured by some ogres with a kind of magic called the Aura of Ogre. Her sister Botan is on a rescue mission and gets close but suddenly got caught. She along with her sister is now trained and tortured sexually as punishment.

That is it, limited and pretty much purely a setup. The Aura of Ogre is basically in place of a usual aphrodisiac which is fine and kind of branches it out somewhat but it’s again fairly limited. It takes no time at all to get to the nitty gritty and I actually appreciate that. Not every time do we need a plot in ero works that spends too much time flailing about, here it’s short setup and into the action however basic that may be.

There is rape, sexually torment / torture, humiliation and gang bangs here as well as some slimey creature use. It’s not too hardcore in terms of what it displays but is here to see so if it sounds off putting to you then is to be avoided.

It opens up with Yasuzu being tormented sexually as she prays for her sister Botan to save her from which we quickly cut to Botan on her rescue mission. Upon capture she is tied up and toyed with by the Ogres as her power is quickly drained from these slug like creatures who sliver all over her nipples and pussy dealing her some bizarre pleasure. After this she is raped using the power of the Aura of Ogre. It’s all very by the books to be honest and episode 1 is far weaker for it. The slug part was different enough and seeing her after being raped with the power seeping out of her resulted in a nice visual but that’s it. Very run of the mill with the execution and visual aspects not helping in the slightest.

My favourite scenes come in episode 2. It opens with the girls being tortured with some rather period respective contraptions inducing all manner of pleasures on the girls, seeing Botan stuck there with the ogre whipping here as this device repeatedly jams into her pussy is lovely to see. It may be brief but this is the opening I wanted. From there we move onto my standout scene of the 2 episodes, the public humiliation.

I am a stickler for humiliations and this fits the bill completely. Marched out on wooden horse, they are bound to these and left in broad daylight with numerous villagers looking on. With the sharpened wood digging into their pussies and no relief at all from the pleasure slowly warping their minds on just what they want is too much as they begin to beg for someone to satiate their thirst. One after another they are taken, gang banged as they drown in pleasure. It is a wonderful sight and the finishing shot as they are slavered in cum is a sight to behold.

That second episode may be more of a highlight but it can’t mask the generic feeling of being done before ad nauseum. The scenes generally bring nothing new to the table. I got a bit bored with episode 1 bar the odd nice sight of Botan in some horrible manner of position. It never gives off the feel of being fresh enough or injecting new ideas. This is needed when the majority comes off as taking well worn tropes and doing little with them.

Visually this show does look its budget, and by that I mean on the lower side. Some of the animations feel a bit off, a bit rough and the movements throughout are slow. Even for the shortened running time it’s not great. There are recycled frames aplenty, slow panning shows and limited movement. All hallmarks of a budget anime, especially so in ero works. That said there are some nice effects in here including steam coming off Botans body after being raped (magical esque) and the camera angles work well to show off the girls perils, more so in episode 2 as they are being humiliated in public as there are long shots with villages emphasising their humiliated state.

The art in this case could bring a bit of balance but even that struggles. Both Botan and Yasuzu look okay but there is nothing defining about them, nothing that would not seem out of place in a ero 101 book. The both have reasonably shapely bodies but they never look quite sexy enough which is an issue. This doesn’t help when it comes to the scenes themselves as whatever they do this takes away from it slightly which is a shame. One positive is the contrast between episodes, 1 looks a lot darker as Botan attempts her mission but then 2 does a 180 and brings sunlight and more vibrant colours into play for the new scenes. It is a welcome change and highlights the differing stakes.

This is not a good ero anime but it’s not explicitly bad. It has sprinkles of enjoyment and episode 2 in particular gave a better display of itself with the more unique scenes but overall it never quite musters enough to stand out. I don’t want to be too harsh and this is clearly a budget effort based on what appears a doujin VN and on that basis it doesn’t come off too badly. There are parts to like but they just don’t shine through enough.

Studio: Unknown
Release: 2018
Length: 2 Episodes
Availability: DL Site


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