Review: Girls Must Die!

Prison based works are a real highlight for me, there is just something about what goes on in these places, with the dark and twisted personas housed there that makes for good entertainment so when Chousuke Nagashimas new book Girls Must Die! came along I was excited to see what his spin on this might be and I was not disappointed.

Baba Bunta has a new job: he has become the warden of the death row block of female inmates in a prison. These women have a bit more freedom than most so they don’t go insane before they are put to death. Not wanting to repeat a mistake from a previous job with women that caused him considerable trouble will he be able to handle these sexually charged and provocative girls and make them repent for their sins? And why was he hired for this job?

This was a welcome fresh take on the prison scenario as introducing death row added some really interesting elements to how it was going to proceed. Would the girls take control or would Bunta reign them in? It helped that in the background there are further story seeds growing and chapter by chapter drip feeds enough to keep you hooked. Not only that but each character gets ample page time with back-story on their crimes, their kinks and their personalities all fully blossomed out but it never feels like a slog.

Being set in a prison with dangerous inmates you’d expect a fair share of harder content and you’d be right. This book contains a real mix of sexual content from vanilla scenes to rape, gang rape, sexual torture and more. It never lingers on one particular kink, always varying it up, adding something fresh which helps a lot.

It begins almost plainly as Bunta is quickly swept up in the girls actions and the way they live in the prison, wearing very little, a care free attitude and no signs of guilt for what they did. Taking a fascination with Shinomiya the cello player who seems too innocent to be guilty.

Rumi begins to tempt him, controlling him into doing her bidding by using her sultry body to overburden him. After a stern warning from the warden over his actions a switch triggers and he begins to reassess what he is doing and how he can make these girls repent. He goes to Rumis cell, pours quick setting cement on her hands as she is kneeling down and begins toying with her, ripping her panties, fingering her, playing with her tits before fucking her roughly. This transition into a rougher style is a sign of what is to come.

From there each girl is targeted and in different ways all the while Bunta is struggling to impart his objective of making them repent. He comes loose under the sheer size and sexual pleasure Airi offers, becomes irritated at Yorikis jibes at him being inadequate and sets up some very unique entertainment for her  and sets his sights on mysterious cello player Yuki. When things escalate it takes an unexpected turn infusing the darker, harder elements I love into a lengthy, evolving finale. Each strength it showed on its way was implemented as it ramped up the intensity.

Some of the standout scenes to me were the sexual torture scenes as Bunta gets to grips with his role. Whether it was Bunta using electric stimulation torture on Rumi as his first girl to train or a spinning wheel like device to submerge Airi under a vat of lotion while blindfolded each one plays on the girls personalities and felt unique because of that. There was one particular that stood out to me, Riko is tied up, posed and naked while Bunta attempts to get information out of her by throwing darts at her naked body. Seeing the darts flying into her breasts, nipples and even clit as she tried to overcome the pleasure was a bizarre yet oh so wonderful scene.

Anything I didn’t like about the book is minor. I was not particularly keen on some of the shots of Airi as her overly large breasts felt a bit off to me, seeing them envelop someone does not do it for me. I also felt the torture scenes could have been a bit more prominent but that is most certainly just a personal preference. Lastly the ending, everything leading up to it was stellar and nice summation of what was happened but the direct ending just disappointed me in its predictability.

The art here is sensational, Chousuke Nagashima brings his almost trademark and refined style here and it is gorgeous. There may not be as much detail as others with plenty of whites in backgrounds and skin colours but it doesn’t need to. There is detail when needed, when Rumi is going through electro stimulation, when the girls wear the most succulent of swimsuits or lingerie and the gang rape. The girls here are all voluptuous, each girl has thin waists, long legs and sizeable breasts. There isn’t much variety other than slight changes in breast sizes but this was a-okay for me. There is also a notable amount of full body shots which show off the delectable curves of the girls which is most welcome.

I came into this with high expectations and this delivered. A fresh take on a well worn staple helps shape this as a thoroughly arousing read. Each chapter upped the ante, offered something new and ever more salacious while never lagging. This is a highly recommended read for anyone who likes harder content.

Mangaka: Chousuke Nagashima
Release: 2017
Length: 1 Volume, 10 Chapters
Availability: J-List, Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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