Review: Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai

When I look for a new ero work to read or watch I typically search for those in the genres I like, sometimes though they crossover into something that, while not bad is just a particular kink I am not enaoumred with. This is the case with Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai based on the VN of the same name. Featuring a haughty school council president being brought to her knees what is not to love?

The story is pretty simple, Atsushi is a member of the student council and is in love with the council president Ai Ninomiya despite her constantly putting him down and treating him as a mere ‘caddie’, more specifically he is in love with her legs as he has a leg and foot fetish. Not contempt with merely looking he finds evidence tying her family to criminal dealings and blackmails her to satisfy his urges.

It’s a simple setup that falls into the common rich family involved in dodgy dealings trope. Atsushi being looked down and wanting revenge is also fairly common but the somewhat unique trait is his leg and foot fetish which Ai fits perfectly for. Ai is the typical rich girl council president, she’s haughty, controlling and looks down on others, perfect to be taken down.

This anime contains blackmail and rape elements as well as strong use of leg and foot fetishes. If any of this does sound off putting to you then steer clear of this.

One standout to me was Atsushi forcing Ai to give him a footjob for the first time. I love how Ai constantly comments on how particularly weird a fetish this is as she pleasures his cock with her leggings covered feet. The camera zooms in to show her feet caress his cock until he cums over her but he is not done. Her feet now lathed in cum and vibrator in her pussy he take her for a stroll around the school, intermittently switching on the vibrator to cause her untold pleasure all the while her feet are smothered in his cum. It’s a wonderful sight as Ai tries not get caught while being pleasured throughout. The walking around in cum covered feet leads nicely on from what would otherwise be a standard one off scene which I like further playing into Atsushis fetish.

My favourite scene comes when Ai is forced into a playboy bunny outfit and pleasures Atsushi. The bunny outfit has long been a favourite of mine so to see Ai so succulently parading it here is marvelous. It’s in red as well which makes a nice change. Seeing her pleasure him with a footjob again before being fucked by him is a lovely sight, the wear and tear of being his sex slave has taken its toll on her as she eventually breaks to the pleasure.

Like most scenes here it is nothing particularly new or different bar the bunny outfit. It works but it never goes over the line of making you want to see more. It’s content that has been done time and again and better. That is not to say it’s bad, it isn’t and the leg & foot elements might sway it for you but for me it never quite gets over the hill.

I only had one complaint with this anime and that’s not really a negative as such more something not to my taste: leg and foot fetish scenes. I like foot licking and the like as well as having a fine appreciation for some beautiful legs but I don’t quite click with the sexual scenes involving them. Whether it’s the footjobs themselves or Atsushi sticking his cock under Ais knee to rub against her it felt more a inconvenience for me.

For those that do love it thought they will be in their element as the camera knows how to portray these well. Camera angles are always long or angled in a way that Ais legs are taking up a good portion of the screen. It really sticks to the fetish well and even someone like me can appreciate that, it knows its audience and goes for it without compromising and I like that.

Speaking of camera angles that leads me to the aesthetic side of things and here it performs strongly. Animation may suffer from similar ero works in that animation is somewhat limited with frame recycling and plenty of still or panning shots but when it goes it is smooth.

The art is beautiful. Ai herself is voluptuous, she has curves in the right places, large breasts and legs to die for. We don’t see her naked body much as it focuses on her in her uniform albeit torn and her leggings. The bunny suit does accentuate her curves though which was lovely. My one complaint on the art side is that Ais face appears a bit off, on some occasions her lips look really pronounced and large which looks off. A minor complaint though.

This is pretty much the anime I was expecting going in looking at the few previews stills. A focus on leg and foot fetish but does not go overboard so even if you are indifferent to it there is plenty to see. The hints towards other girls and the ending feel like a lead on to future episodes that never were but what is here is still enjoyable if not done better elsewhere.

Studio: Lune Pictures, Milkshake
Release: 2014
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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