Review: Kiniitta Chitsu ni Ikinari Nakadashi OK na Resort

Fantasy is the most vital part of the ero landscape, things you can only fantasize about knowing full well it will either never become a reality or knowing that the act itself is wrong in real life. Fantasy lets you live out this and be separate from the drudgery of real life. So what happens when a fantasy so ludicrous becomes reality? That is the case with this new anime based on the doujin by Aomizuan.

The story, or rather setup is simple. There exists a solitary island, visited only by the richest, the cream of the crop in power. A bunch of guys of all shapes and sizes arrive as guest for this island. Little do they know this island comes with an extra. The girls on this island are trained to be fucked, to be the outlet for these guys. No one is off limit as one of the larger guys gets the leader to give him oral. With no limits and a bevy of beautiful girls available what fun will be had?

I’ve got to appreciate the bare bones setup here, it states straight away what this is about and gets down to what we all want to see. Other than the nice surprise ‘this can’t be real?’ reactions from the guys this steamrolls right into the sexual activities. It doesn’t pad it out needlessly, this is pure fantasy turned reality, what more could you need?

This anime is mainly vanilla, outside of a couple of ever so slightly forceful moments it is completely vanilla and consensual so you’ll be perfectly fine here if as long as you have no problem with a gaggle of women opening themselves up for everyone.

With the setup being as simple as it is the sex scenes really need to step up and elevate this to make it worth watching and for the most part they do. Episode ones shows the guests arrival and their initial experiences. The main scene is the foursome with main guy Inamura having his way with them, all different in body shapes they take turns pleasuring him, hopping in and out, an onslaught of sexual prowess as the trained girls know exactly what to do. It’s fast and fun helped by each girls personality injecting into this. The sweat glistening of the girls body increasing bit by bit, the man getting into the groove before the pleasure becomes too much. It is the perfect ending to the episode.

The second episode ratchets up the sexual action as you might expect from minute one, there is an orgy of sexual wonder here as the guys fulfill their every desire and Inamura continues to fuck every girl in sight and make them succumb to his cock and might. While this episode continues the debauchery and rampant action there is also an interesting scene where one of the guests gets a little too physical and the instructor needs to forcefully reign him in as there are rules to follow, she did this be sticking two fingers in his anus and moving roughly before being taken herself.

I enjoyed both episodes here greatly, they display a lot of enjoyable sexual action with a good visual identity (more on that in a bit) and manage to, and this is the real highpoint for me, make vanilla ero enjoyable. I’ve made note multiple times before that vanilla works have to do a lot to entertain me and this does that, the setting is exciting, the sex scenes are plentiful, beautiful and perverse and there is a lot of variety in girls. Everything it does works.

My only grievances here is not enough variety in sexual acts, yes this is a vanilla show but these girls are trained to in effect be outlets for these men but the scenes feel a bit samey. They could have done a lot more, taken different angles but they didn’t. What is there is enjoyable, very much so but I can’t help but feel disappointed.

I also felt that the show wasn’t finished, there are two episodes but no sign of a third at this current time, it leaves off on a note of more to come with our nameless guy wanting to dominate the controlling leader woman and make her submit to his cock which I would love. It’s not a good place to leave it off as it feels unfinished.

Visually this show is very pleasing on the eyes. The animation is good, smooth and rarely feels cheap. This is by ero standards though so expect there to be quite a few panning shots and recycling of frames but it doesn’t feel noticeable. What helps most here is the art, it is vibrant and colourful, it really makes a change from the faded darker ero anime I’ve seen quite recently, it matches the fun living vibe of the shows premise.

The girls all look divine with voluptuous bodies with some in a more petite frame to appeal to those who like that. From their clothing to lingerie to their bodies there is a fair bit of detail here including the sweat that caresses of their body as they indulge the guests. The camera really emphasises their seductiveness and position of doing anything for their guests, from some lovely low panning shots of the girls without any panties higher shots as they take turns in a foursome to the dominant esque angles as they give oral. There is a trait for every viewer.

This was a really, really enjoyable vanilla series for me. Vanilla is usually towards the bottom of the rankings on what ero I like but this exceeded my expectations, the fun loving nature, the beautiful visuals and the nonstop sex scenes present a departure from most vanilla shows that only helped elevate this. Without doubt this is worth a watch.

Release: 2018
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Amazon JP, Mandarake


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