Review: Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai

Exhibitionist elements are fairly frequent but to have a full ero amine based on it is rather rare. Step into play Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai based on the Pin-Point VN of the same name. The elements of cosplay and exhibitionism instantly struck a chord with me and naturally my excitement rose but what is the end result?

Aya Hinata is a young woman working hard at a cosplay café. She has accrued a massive debt but doesn’t let that keep her from making the most of her life. One day she gets an anonymous e-mail ordering her to attend a comic convention in her work clothes and to accept all orders from men. Intrigued she follows the orders as they know where she works making this a real threat but little does she know what she’s gotten herself into.

The setup is simple but I really like the extended time development to Aya which is rare for ero anime, it was only a few minutes sure but we found out she is earnest, cute in the way she tries to stay positive despite financial situation (homemade trading cards, own partner shogi player etc.) and most crucially that she felt a tingle of stimulation and thrill from her panties being seen by others in the café. This acts as a catalyst for her to follow the e-mail and attend the comic convention where she will be even more at risk which excites even more. This small trait brings her true self into the open.

The content here is generally vanilla. There are some leery elements at the convention as the fans photograph her or rub up against her but she goes along with and eventually endorses it. If you can handle that and the exhibitionist elements you’ll be fine.

Said exhibitionist elements are naturally a large focus throughout the two episodes and I think they’re explored tremendously. Being in and around a crowd outside limits it somewhat but that is fine. The crowd of guys is almost always in frame as Aya vaunts around, begins stripping or posing in lewd outfits. Seeing her crouching, spreading her legs to show the bikini digging into her wet pussy, using a magical girl prop to masturbate or wearing heart string bikini to show offer her delicate body while the eyes fixate on her, the sounds of the cameras fill the air and the voices urge her to be more daring. It fits another particular part of exhibitionism that I like, the involvement of people.

Each one of these segments singles in on her growing desire to be seen which the outfits also help to show. Her mindset alters each time as she partakes in lewder scenarios, feels pleasure at the escalating requests and feels less at risk. I especially liked the heart string bikini and magical girl outfit, the former really shows off every curve on her delectable body while the latter opens up for some rather fun role play.

The pacing means it takes a while to get to the sexual acts but these do deliver when we get to them from the guys dowsing Aya in cum after masturbating on the first day to the beginnings of an orgy in the second episode. Having enough of just watching the men tempt Aya into fucking them by first giving oral, on her knees, hands grasping cock as she begins to lick them, the taste savours as she wraps her tongue around them. The orgy takes place a tad later after a role play scenario as the men grope every inch of her body before being taken in every way in a crowd of men. She bathes in the salaciousness of it all.

There is one major issue here that I think is going to decide whether this is for you: the amount of sex acts. In the first episode especially a large portion is taken up by what would pass for TV series ecchi content, Aya in her work maid outfit positing, showing off her panties and bra / breasts. Only near the end does it approach harder content with a guy rubbing his dick against her making her cum leading to the guys cumming on her.

This ties into lack of penetrative action as well which only comes to the fore in the second episode with the orgy. Given the subject of exhibitionism play this wasn’t entirely unexpected but for some I can see frustration when Aya is relatively safe to put it one way. I understand and love the approach, the gradual build-up into the major climax while focusing on Ayas state of mind and how it alters.

That does take up a big focus with her journey into this world, of letting go her inhibitions and that means the cost of sexual acts. If the above sounds an issue to you then this may not be the ero anime for you. I happened to find the take on Aya, how an earnest girl ventures into the lewd world a treat to watch and seeing her attitude accept the situation and even grasp it by the horns to bring out the thrill she feels.

Visually this is fine, the animation is generally good with nice smooth movement and limited scene recycling or cuts in the right places allowing focus for the ero scenes. Being set at a comic convention and given the subject matter the camera angles and placing is key in emphasising the lewd scenario and it does just that. With crowds of people always in shot, eyeing Aya as she poses herself to the mens whims and through the lens shots as they focus on her panties becoming wet or the lewd poses she makes. It does capture the essence of photography in these environments and their perverse nature at play.

Ayas design while not entirely voluptuous does have ample breasts and a lovely ideal figure. She comes off across more on the cute side (her face especially so) rather than sexy which in a small way clashes when she is wearing some lewder outfits such as the heart bikini. It does accentuate the best parts of her body and brings her lewd self out but it kind of doesn’t quite gel. I get that the cuter look is something they were going for, taking the innocent and dragging them into depravity but it didn’t quite work for me.

My thoughts overall are a decidedly mixed bag much like this anime. The relative lack of actual sexual acts will certainly be a hindrance to some but it does offer a nice focus on what it wants to do: display exhibitionist tendencies. It is what it says on the cover and I can’t really fault them for that per se but I would have welcomed a much lewder anime.
Studio: Studio 9 MAiami
Release: 2011
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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