Review: Lightning Warrior Raidy Anthology Comic

Anthologies are always something I approach with excitement and trepidation because the mix of artists can be a deal breaker. The Lighting Warrior Raidy Anthology is one I had wanted to read to open myself up to the world of Raidy before venturing into the VNs. So does this fall on the side of making me want to experience the original content or help me veer away from it?

Unusually for an anthology there is a structure here: Raidy is on a mission to rescue some captured girls from the top of a tower dripping with evil intent and must defeat those in control of each floor. Simple but effective, it allows the characters (of which there is a brief synopsis) to get their own chapters and opens up and the display of a new fetish / scenario for Raidy to endure. Chapters are somewhat linked in that Raidy does traverse the Floors but each one does not always reference the last, some leave Raidy in a ‘bad end’ and others see her conquer which I appreciated.

There is a wide array content here but the main focus is on yuri content of the non-consensual variety. Raidy is put through all manner of ordeals, rape, torture, forced lesbian sex, whipping and more. There is a lot with not all guaranteed to be appealing.

Two chapters stood out immediately for me. After a couple of mixed opening chapters this really hits the mark fully with a BDSM themed chapter with Tiss the Devils Wax of Shame by Yoru no Oto. A demonic girl named Tiss is the next enemy and wax is her weapon of choice. After capturing Raidy she reveals her waxes secret attribute, it can induce pulses of pleasure based on much touches the body and begins to torture Raidy with it.

This nails the element of BDSM so well, from Raidy enraptured in bondage to the humiliating positions she is put in to the submission she seeks the divine shapely horned demon Tiss is beautifully perverse as she revels in Raidys torment. She ties her up, exposes all of her body before dripping wax on her bit by bit before getting her slaves in to tease her further as Raidy breaks. The aphrodisiac wax twist was clever and gave it a welcome new spin. The way Raidy drowns in erupts in pleasure when she is no longer just teased is a perfect culmination. The ending was rather fun as well and actually made a lot of sense as Raidy erupts in pleasure.

Chapter 5 by Agagi introduces the mind controlling dark elf who presents a different BDSM offering. Holding a girl hostage she uses her power to control and train Raidy anally. Bounding her she gives her an enema, forces her to lick out another slave girls ass if she wants to release to having a large vibrator shoved in her she is put through a hellish anal ordeal. Again as a big fan of hardcore content this felt right at home to me, training elements I am always a big fan of and the art only helped here with some delectable designs for the girls. Having a dark elf as the master only increases my appetite.

The remaining chapters are decidedly mixed in what they offer with moments of wonder but also scenes that drag them down from MISS BLACKs finale which suffers from tentacle overload or Fingertips of Evil with some messy art masking some great scenarios. Horseback Trap by Ni Kusu exemplifies this. Raidy is forced onto a wooden horse as it digs into her pussy as she is tortured. What starts well devolves into a mess as the female knight is taken from her armour and turns out to be a loli with, once again a large futa dick as Raidy has her way with and punishes her. What starts out so well is bogged down with use of a kink I am simply not gelling with in this book. This may well be a thing with the Raidy series but it isn’t helping me here.

Speaking of frequent futa use here it was a major turn off for me. Now I like futa but here the designs were so overblown and futa cocks were so massive it removed any sense of arousal for me. This really disappointed me as well as in a few of these chapters if you removed that aspect it would elicit more salacious, arousing content. Chapter 1 is a prime example, the Catgirl captures Raidy and treats her as a pet, she toys with her, scratches her with her claws injecting an aphrodisiac before tormenting her body. Its delectable but then the futa aspect is brought in and it stopped any rhythm for me.

There are chapters I outright did not like and skip when re-reading. This is down to both art and content. The second chapter Beware of Mischief features two Catgirls who taunt and toy with Raidy. The main issue here is the art which takes me completely out of it and is not sexually arousing at all. The two Catgirls have the basis of nice designs but the bodies being more petite and cutesy rather than sexy along with the use of oversized futa again takes the shine off.

The same can be said of the Female Fencer Heretic chapter but with much more messy art, at times it can really be hard to tell what is happening and in general it just doesn’t look erotic, it feels bland more than anything and the use of slime or tentacle like sex scene did nothing for me.

Other than these two the art in general is lovely whether it be the styling of MISS BLACK with heavily toned characters, backgrounds and exquisite line work to mirror the pinpoint precise art from the VNs to Yoru no Oto that displays every inch of Raidys voluptuous body. Due to such differing art styles I think it best to focus on the characters designs themselves and what they show off about the series.

A lot of Raidys enemies are women and they are oh so sexily drawn. Take the Catgirl in chapter 1 with a voluptuous body, collar, skin tight outfit, she oozes sex appeal while the sorceress on the other hand takes a more mature, sophisticated look with a nice dress accentuating every part of her succulent body. There is variety aplenty here with loli girls and dark elfs it offers a nice look into the series world.

I enjoyed large parts of this anthology but as ever there are weak points. Thanks to the nature of this though they can be skimmed or skipped entirely and you lose nothing. Seeing the world of Raidy, the enemies she encounters and the sexual ordeals she goes through is fun and certainly made me eager to check out the VNs sooner rather than later, I suppose that is a job well done.

Mangaka: Akiba Wataru, Fudouran, Kamio 96, Yoru No Oto, Agagi, Shinama, Ni Kusu, MISS BLACK
Release: 2005
Length: 8 chapters, 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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