Review: Mesubuta Tenrakuroku

Doujinshi is the start for many ero artists, building up a name before going for an original, full release. This is likewise how some people find artists and is how I found KuroFn. After reading his Kenichi Shigure doujins I became a fan so when I learned they had crafted a full original release I had to check it out and to no surprise they delivered with a worthy tankubon.

This manga does not feature an overarching story but is a collection of one shots (with an opening two parter) that focuses on sexual training and degradation. There is a captured soldier who is sexually tortured, a high ranking office lady who likes to expose herself, two co-workers ensnared in a sexual trap, a woman who prostitutes herself on the side, a  and many more.

Each story may be set around the same theme of degrading women but every one shot is varied enough in content and execution, whether it be raping one girl, bringing out the inner pervert in another or making a girl submit to newfound masochist pleasure it makes great use of the theme and thus reading each chapter a joy because it was something fresh, a new take on the same format with none coming close to each other in setup. It is exactly what I want out of a collection and allows easier navigation with short and concise sexual splendor.

This manga contains a lot of the harder elements in ero works. There is copious amounts of rape, sexual torture, humiliation, rough and forceful sex as well as lots of degrading material. If any of this sounds off putting to you then steer clear of this.

The opening is a two part story focusing on Heade Inami, a deadly and renowned solider of the battlefield nicknamed Ogre. She has been captured by the enemy and they will sexually torture her for the crimes she committed. The setup is not new but doesn’t need to be though it does now and then does flesh out her enemy or new figures with tidbits of info. Being a two parter there is a lot more scope for brutal acts and this is the case here. What starts out with humiliation and rape descends into truly degrading acts as Inami does anything she can to survive including entering the depths of depravity.

Some of the acts forced upon Inami are both heinous and wonderful. She is forced to walk naked in the courtyard, undergo a branding process like cattle, be raped repeatedly, physically abused, mind broken into being a sow, eating from a dog bowl like an animal and trained in all manner of salacious acts including some bizarre idol like ones. I especially liked when she voluntarily became the relief officer in vein hopes of staying alive, seeing her go against her instincts to become an outlet for the soldiers was beautiful. A lot of these are unfortunately single page or even panel scenes and this is where I was disappointed, some of these looks delightfully degrading but are glanced over. What is there is welcome don’t get me wrong but it feels like a tease that never gets dug into such is the issue of trying to show off too much in too short a form.

The second standout for me was the one involving the Chief. She is strict and punishing but likes to secretly expose herself in public. Little does she know that she inadvertently exposes herself to a lower employee and now he is intent on making her his bitch. Women in power being degraded or being perverts is a personal love of mine and this story gets every element so right. From the overweight employee bossing her around to the humiliating acts he forces her to do: walking her around at night on a leash, making her sit naked on the directors table and bending over to be spanked. The progression feels natural as her resistance is slowly brought down and she can be her true, slutty perverted self. She has found the perfect master who makes her feel like a sow.

The last story I want to touch on is the Sonoka, the woman who prostitutes herself on the side for extra money and goes to meet with an older, ugly man for sex thinking it’d be easy money. What starts out normal takes a twist when the man becomes increasingly rough bringing out something in the girl she never imagined through BDSM elements. Tying her up, electrocuting her with a stun gun, forcefully pleasuring her anally, making her suffer and drown in pleasure. This really is hardcore bordering on assault which sold this for me as he acts out his desires, inflicting them upon her.

The remainder of the stories cover different scenarios and whilst I haven’t gone into them here in detail like the above that does not mean they aren’t joyous reads as they absolutely are. It’s just when revisiting I tend to go towards the stories above first as they left more of a lasting impression. Again this is not to say they are even mediocre, far from it, the bar owner turned working in a brothel or the student moral officer being degraded (highlight being when she has a bag over her head while be molested by ugly students) are wonderful reads. It speaks to the strength of this book I’d consider them ‘weaker’.

Visually this is a treat for the eyes. The girls here are very voluptuous with fuller bodies as expected considering most are of a more mature age. They have succulent curves, wider hips and ample breasts. I loved it, each girl is so different to the next which keeps the fresh part I talked about earlier in scope. Whether it be the darker skinned bar owner turned brother worker, the Chief or the swim teacher, each one has distinct design that will appeal to many. Some of the vulgar, obscene outfits only bring out the erotic nature of them even more.

With the girls being degraded page by page this nails the execution through the angles and frames used to display the girls position of powerlessness, depravity and thirst. Take the Chief, being a pervert all of her is on display ever page, from long shots to show her public humiliation kink or low shots to show her crawling like an animal. I like it when the most of the girls body is in frame as that is the focus and seeing each part of them succumb to pleasure or showing off their newly disgraced, body writing ridden bodies is what I want.

This manga lived up to my expectations, it is full of salacious content with each chapter offering up something new that pushes you to read more. The theme being exactly what I like helps but the elements that make them up, be them big or small, just add so much to this and creates a tankubon that I have revisited a number of times. I am very much looking forward to what KuroFn does next.

Mangaka: KuroFn
Release: 2017
Length: 1 volume 9 chapters
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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