Review: Nudist Beach ni Shuugaku Ryokou de!! The Animation

Sometimes a title is all you need to know what you are getting into and that is certainly the case with anime based on the manga by Shiwasu no Okina this title hooked my intrigue straight away with the preview images leading me to believe I was getting into one of my favourite kinks. Is this the case or is it actually something a bit more?

The setup is rather simple, a teacher takes her class on a school trip but not any trip, this one is to a nudist beach and all students must adhere to that. The boys are told not get an erection otherwise there would be punishment. The school council president though does get one and his punishment is to spend some time in a tent with another girl to help him release.

I’ll admit the plot here allowed for simple vanilla enjoyment but I was disheartened when the whole appeal of the nudist beach, with some lovely shots of the girls was almost immediately sidelined into a tent for the majority of the two episodes. It was not a welcome twist and did dampen my experience. Outside that the premise as ludicrous as it is joyous and that is exactly what I want out of a vanilla show. Each of the girls have their own personalities and quirks, be it shy Sayaka, nervous Akiho or full on Maria and Ai. Naotatsu himself is kind of bland but to be expected.

This is very much a vanilla show, there is no hard or questionable content it just contains wholesome sexual fun with some exhibitionist scenes at play as well. It is safe for anyone to enjoy.

The first episode focuses on Akiho and Naotatsu. Akiho has had a crush on Naotatsu and can finally help him relieve his erection. They start rubbing up against each other, she becomes more and more excited as his penis rubs against her pussy and body as they tightly cling to each other before cumming over her chest. Before going any further Ai jumps in and starts having full on sex with him, she also had a crush as Akiho becomes more and more excited of the prospect of doing the same as she finally reveals the whole point of the trip.

I loved the build-up here, you knew what was coming through the skinship. Rubbing against each other, cumming over her breasts before the more full on Ai enters and really goes to town with him. The acts escalate as Akiho gets jealous and they both piled on to accepting Naotatsu seed. From giving him oral to Naotatsu rubbing their pussies, grabbing their breasts, teasing their nipples with his fingers and caressing them with his mouth to full on penetrations as the girls bodies distort in the pleasure it is a perfectly paced palette of debauchery.

The second episode follows the exact same pattern as the first, Naotatsu still has his erection and this time it is the petite Sayaka who will be helping him. A bit later on the excitable Maria turns up and this is where the real fun begins. I was a bit disappointed it followed almost exactly the same formula, even with many of the same sexual scenarios and the addition of the loli character I was not a fan of. The inclusion of Maria though is exactly what I want. Unlike the other girls she didn’t have affection for Naotatsu and acts like a gal who just wants in on the action.

It helps that she has the best design in my opinion of any girl. She is tanned but there are tan marks over her body and this really got me. Seeing her rub up against Naotatsu, give him oral, bend over showing off her curves as the sweat glistens over her body, she is enraptured in the pleasure and it really shows. Sayaka does get in as well for some threesome action which is lovely but as I did not find her design attractive was more of a indifference to me.

The girls are always naked so there is no lewd outfits to wear, no seductive lingerie and that makes a real breath of fresh air. The screen is 90% of the time filled up with bodies rubbing against each other erupting in pleasure. The smaller location of the tent really helps this and it feels a lot more claustrophobic in that sense, more up close and personal, that they had to get in tight and increase the skin on skin element.

As much as I enjoyed this it still irks me that none of this was on the beach itself, out in the open with the exhibitionist angle in full play. You have the perfect setting but ignores it bar the opening scenes which show the girls coming out of the changing tent, their luscious bodies on full display it pans across every bit of them, shows them sunbathing, sweating and posing seductively as well as embarrassingly. I know the teacher was trying to follow the rules and it all was a guise to help Akiho get closer to Naotatsu but it feels a big missed opportunity. Speaking off, given the initial focus the teacher feels like a missed opportunity as has a lovely body and deviant mind.

With the girls being naked all the time there is very much a focus on their bodies and this is where the visuals shine. Each girl is meticulously detailed, from the sweat glistening off their body to the definitions on them to the immaculate attention given to the areolas and nipples. They are divine, you can seem them flick back against the brush of Naotatsu tongue with the saliva dripping off and leaving a glimmer. The breasts are caressed and fondled, squeezing them as the girls teeter over pleasure. Every part of their bodies is framed in an erotic way and it is wonderful. This is also helped by the beautiful and vibrant colours used which fill the screen to the brim with loveliness.

The girls themselves are a variety of body types, you have Akiho who is the normal proportioned girl, the voluptuous Ai (as well as the sorely underused teacher), Sayaka the loli-esque girl and another voluptuous beauty Maria, my personal favourite. The tan marks on her body are oh so beautiful. Seeing her ass rub up against Naotatsu, bending over or being fucked, there is a type for every viewer to get their enjoyment out of. I wasn’t a fan of the facial expressions on occasion though with some very sloppy looks.

It’s a shame the animation doesn’t quite match up, it’s not smooth, it almost feels clunky in some parts and the frame recycling is evident throughout. The camera angles do help though in accentuating their erotic bodies. With them being naked all the time they do cover every succulent part of them. From close ups on their nipples as they are being fondled or when they are giving oral to them being and distorting their bodies during the actual sex as well as plenty of zoom-in shots of them lathed in bodily fluids. They bring every part of them into the open so to speak and it helps a lot.

This is a case of what could have been. It isn’t bad, far from it as I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it but the setting gave the impression of something more that did not materialise. Maybe the one episode sequel will do this and I will see but aside from that this is the perfect romp for vanilla fans who want an extra twist.

Studio: Pink Pineapple
Release: 2016
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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