Review: Yarimoku Beach ni Shuugakuryokou de!! The Animation

Following directly from Nudist Beach this is a semi-sequel that takes the premise in a wholly different direction. Featuring the same class and setup does this put right the wrongs I had with the prior anime or does it continue to flounder in missed opportunities?

The name change is rather appropriate here, instead of Nudist Beach it has turned into Yarimoku Beach which means swingers. With the boys in class becoming understandably frustrated at Naotatsus alone time with some beautiful girls Suomi the teacher promises to reward them. She takes them to a special area designed for swingers and those who want to defile the laws of the nudist beach. This new haven is filled with Suomis friends ready to release the boys frustrations.

This is exactly the setup I wanted; it takes the ludicrous premise and doubles down on it by placing the boys into an area specifically for all their fantasies. The array of beautiful ladies that come into play also helps immeasurably as we are treated to an orgy of exhibitionist fun. I like also that it plays on the prior animes scenario with the boys being frustrated by resolving it in a most salacious manner.

Like with Nudist Beach this is a pure vanilla show with no hardcore or abhorrent content. It taps into the exhibitionist elements strongly and the most questionable element would be the ladies having their way with the students but that is neither here nor there.

The sex scenes, or scene, here is basically one big orgy that escalates in sexual action as the episode goes on. That is it, pure and simple which both works and doesn’t though not for lack of content. It starts off with Suomi taking the boys to a beach as her friends, a bevy of voluptuous beauties, come out to play. They take a handful of boys and begin caressing them before grabbing their dicks and masturbating them, giving oral while pleasuring themselves before eventually moving on to having all their orifices filled and fucked but remaining in control.

I really liked this orgy. Each of the girls has a different design while remaining curvy and seeing them take 4 or 5 boys at once was lovely. They way they controlled the situation, teasing the boys, allowing them to release before going straight back in was fitting. This experience, guiding the boys into this sexual experience was expected given the ladies proclivities for regularly going to this section of the beach.

There are so many shots here displaying the ladies drowning in pleasure, from low shots of a woman pleasuring herself while giving oral to a couple of guys or Suomi laying out hands grabbing dicks, mouthing wrapped around another dick while her ass and pussy and pummelled. Every shot, every scene highlights these glorious moments to give a true sense of an orgy taking place. There is so much flesh on screen, dicks smacking against breasts, rubbing up against bodies and bodily fluids flowing it is exactly what you want from such a scenario.

In a way it did feel a letdown in that it was just one big sex scene and nothing else. It is vanilla so if you usually watch that you’ll feel more excited but for me the setting was still underused. The bodies rubbing against each other, flesh covering the screen obscures the setting for a lot of this meaning the glimpses of the beach and sky were just that, glimpses.

An element here that I did not expect but should have was the womens experience hampering their reactions. The girls in Nudist Beach were younger, shier and less experienced so they erupted in pleasure when having their nipple pinched, twisted or bodies caressed, their bodies contorted and it felt a lot more perverse. Here there was little of that, the women in control resulted in lacking that extra eccentricity.

Visually this is a bit of a step down from the first anime in most regards. The animation appears slightly cheaper with panning shots, recycling frames and the like frequented more. With more characters on screen and more zoomed out shots it becomes perhaps more understandable in why it’s more pronounced. Nudist Beach was similar but the limited amount of characters and cramped conditions of the tent somewhat masked it, here out in the open it’s more noticeable.

The art also takes a hit here but again only slightly. Considering we are out in the sun on the beach this feels a missed opportunity as we have all these beautiful girls but the colours look less vivid and vibrant. Similar to above the more characters being on screen leads to a drop in quality and detail on the characters bodies such as less sweat running of their bodies or toning being less pronounced. I can understand why but it still irks me a bit.

Thankfully the girls designs still get the best treatment and if you like voluptuous women this is the anime for you as you have no shortage of fine ladies to gaze at. Suomi sensei gets the most screen time and she is beautiful with wide hips, large breasts and delicious curves. The other women are more or less a slight alteration with a different face and hair colour. You do get some really out there changes such as woman with the blue hair with incredibly large breasts that almost ripple and a lighter proportioned lady but they still ooze sex appeal with lewd bodies.

As a sequel it does a good job of turning taking the premise and doing some justice to it but it never quite reaches where it could. It is still enjoyable though, especially if you like fuller figured women. If you were hankering for a change after Nudist Beach then this will scratch that itch but otherwise it is another wasted opportunity.

Studio: Pink Pineapple
Release: 2017
Length: 1 episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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