Review: Kimi no Mana wa Rina Witch

Magical girls have been done to the point it makes hard to stand out so when a new one comes along I always look for that hook, to see if anything what will sway me, I initially couldn’t see anything with Kimi no Mana wa Rina Witch, an anime by ZIZ bar being based on the VN of the same name by Lilith. The Lilith name is more than enough to tempt me so does offer?

Alyssa and Koyanagi are part of the idol group Mana Witch and love to entertain their fans. Secretly they also protect them by being magical girls warding off inherent danger. This does not come easily though, to use magic they have to store mana within themselves but there is only one way to build this up: with semen of men. Step in Iizuka who helps provide for them but one day he is told that their mana levels are decreasingly rapidly and he needs to step up his technique or cease being part of their group. He has but one choice, to get more perverse.

I really liked this setup, it’s fun and simple. Semen as a power source I have always had a soft spot for and it is used really well here. We get to know little bits about Alyssa and Koyanagi through the sex acts and their conversation with Iizuka which you can tell they do care about. This is solely about gaining greater mana levels so the actual magical girl use is reverted to small scenes showing how they’ve grown which I appreciated, nice to see a result.

Surprisingly for a ZIZ anime this is completely vanilla in terms of content, while it starts with a scene that a bit seedy it is far from it. There are certainly lewd scenarios that include public humiliation but it is purely vanilla which makes a nice change so you can go in without needing to worry about anything.

The episode alters between the perspective of Alyssa and Koyanagi which keeps it fresh. The highlight for me was a double header of public humiliation. In Alyssas second scene Iizuka wants to do something Alyssa fantasizes about, picking up on the clues she has left he takes her for a naked walk through the streets, collar and leash, vibrator swirling in her pussy and all. It is a magnificent scene and oozes salaciousness.

On the other hand Koyanagis first scene is one I rarely see but love so dearly. At the beach she is wearing body paint in the guise of a swimsuit. Clearly embarrassed she reaches Iizuka only to get on top of him and be fucked all the while feeling the glares from those on the beach bringing out her inner pervert as her mind flickers between pleasure and humiliation.

I adored both as they tapped into public humiliation: the thought of someone seeing you, the lewdness of the situation, the incredibly erotic scenario and the perversion coming to the fore. Alyssas was easily the most delectable due to the prolonged play and severity of the scenario being in the street. The element of magic with a pink glow around her hiding her presence was really nice implementation. She still imagines the public glaring, looking down on her, eyeing up every succulent area of her body as she both hides and exposes herself, the thoughts too much to handle bringing her inordinate pleasure. Being pulled along, the fear of being seen grows and the pleasure ramps up before leading to Iizuka fucking her on a bench as the pleasure reaches its breaking point it is a fabulous scene.

Koyanagi differs, with being physically present the risk is greater since they can see her which along with the setting really sets them apart. Seeing Koyanagi walk around, pussy exposed, nipples hard and point through the body paint, she can hear everyone talk about how sexy she is, what they’d do to her. The voices overwhelm her causing the pleasure to bubble up. From there Iizuka tempts her, torments her, gets her to imagine a group gazing at her, talking filthily to her as she erupts in pleasure. The way both are shot, the beautiful detail, everything about them understands the appeal of public humiliation.

Koyanagis second and final scene is the most different so far as she acts as a courtesan for Iizuka, welcoming him into a hotel room, kneeled and naked before giving him a naked oily massage and getting excited enough to then be fucked by him. The slow build-up, the welcoming the rubbing against his body while oiled up, colours and feeling made this a much more sensual scene than any that came before it and that surprised me. It speaks to Koyanagis distinct character that this would come to be and I loved every minute of it.

One scene here felt the weakest and that was Alyssas first: a hand shaking event with fans. Vibrator in her ass at Iizukas command who will give her a punishment if she cannot hold it in and is at the wims of Iizuka. The shots of her trying to hold the vibrator in, seeing her wince, trying so desperately as the pleasure attacks her were delectable in parts but not completely. Iizuka bringing out her perverted side was fun to see. I also like the aftermath where a fan notices she is rather sexy today as she is drained from being fucked.

I have but two small disappointments here. This first is Koyanagis body paint scene and that the body paint didn’t dissipate at any point which would have elevated the humiliating nature for Koyanagi. I felt like it was going to happen at some point but then the scene ended. It’s the natural progression being in the sun and sweating but it didn’t in anyway harm what came before it. The other was that we didn’t see the girls in their magical girl costumes in sexual scenarios. The outfits are well designed and lewd showing off enough skin and amplifying their figures but they weren’t used outside of showing how much they’ve improved after Iizukas training.

Visually this is stunning. The animation stands as one of ZIZs better releases, everything is smooth, there’s minimal frame recycling and the way the girls bodies reacts is fluid. The camera angles heightens the erotic nature of this, always accentuating the girls erotic features and highlighting the situation they are in whether it be close ups of their nipples protruding through their clothing or Alyssa exposing herself in the street.

The art direction is the main part of the visual flair with bright and vivid colours throughout and some clever use of lighting to draw this out further. It displays a glimmer / shine to the girls bodies bring out more definition and detail in them bringing them more to the fore, when they are on screen you know it. A perfect example of this is the Alyssa walking scene, the night lights reflects off her body, accentuating every curve whilst a pink glow surrounds her. Both Alyssa and Koyanagi are very voluptuous, large breasts, shapely curves and sexy bodies but a bit samey.

You can probably tell by how much I went on about this how much I adored it, it’s become one of my favourite magical girl ero works. It is the hallmark of which vanilla works, for me at least, will need to measure up against as it shows what you can do with that aside from standard sex. As a standalone episode this is well worth watching and I highly recommend to both magical girl lovers and everyone else.

Studio: ZIZ / T-Rex
Release: 2016
Length: 1 episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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