Review: Chii-chan Kaihatsu Nikki

Schoolgirls being trained sexually by older men should be a perfect premise for me given my tastes and this is what I encounter with Chii-chan Kaihatsu Nikki by the circle Muchakai. Released over a few years does this bring anything new to the table or just play out the same old tropes? Let’s find out.

Chii is a normal high school girl, she’s in love and enjoying life. After her mother leaves for work she is left at home with her uncle who she detests. She happens to catch him looking through her underwear, before she could say anything he grabs her and takes his chance to rape her after flashbacks of her as a kid professing her love for him flash through his mind. With this he plans to make her his pet.

The setup is fairly run of the mill, there are hints at why her uncle has these thoughts about her which do run deeper than him just being a general pervert which I liked. They are only touched upon at the bookends of the series though which still does just enough to differentiate him. The volumes follow a fairly standard formula and progression, you’re not going to find anything drastically new but that’s not necessary if the execution is okay.

The content here is very much in the harder category. There are copious amounts of rape, blackmail, humiliation, degradation and even bondage. It should go without saying that if this sounds off putting to you then this is not for you.

The first scene I wanted to highlight is more an entire volume than a scene. Volume 3 leaves Chi at school using a vibrator in her pussy during class and masturbating in the toilets but a perverted teacher catches her and begins to rape her only for the principal to walk in and want a piece of the action. Every moment of this was a joy to read, from the shots of Chi bursting in pleasure in the toilets to the teacher confronting her and forcing her up on the desk as he moves her panties to see a wire coming out. Licking his lips he begins tormenting her.

Every panel elicits erotic perfection. Seeing Chi enter depravity, dig deeper into her perverted self and feel pleasure at two old, ugly men raping her signals her real descent. This is the only DP scene in the series and the aftermath I found interesting as well as it did not go where I expected it to which was nice.

The whole setup is lovely as it shows Chi using the vibrator but it was her choice, her uncle gave it her but it was up to her whether she used it, it’s a nice display that she is not being forced but the training by her uncle has led her to want to feel more pleasure, to unleash the inner pervert in herself.

The second scene I’d like to highlight is the cinema scene. Taken to the cinema with her uncle she sits there but is soon thrust into the sexual scenarios. Coat open revealing a bondage outfit wrapping tight around her body she is fingered, forced to give oral to her uncle before being fucked viciously. The bondage outfit is delicious and seeing her get hot and wet at the mere situation is beautiful. Making her do these acts with her friends at the back, the exquisite detail, the submission, the ahegao face, the depravity turning into the love she has developed, it is the perfect encapsulation of all that came before.

There are other highlights to note as well, Chi being taken for a walk leading to some delicious outdoor humiliation as she is forced to piss on a lamp post before being fucked outside or Chi’s punishment for enjoying the double rape from her teachers as she is bound with numerous vibrators forcing her to cum nonstop. These perverted aspects really excel but that also shows up the weaker points.

Despite my adoration there are weak points and they come in the first couple of volumes. Now they are certainly not bad by any means but they do feel weaker particularly the first volume which feels plainer in approach. It’s basically all setup as Chi is raped but she does also start feeling pleasure far too quickly for my liking noting how she’s her uncles woman now. I understand the need but it felt too rushed in mind and too bland in content.

Visually this looks incredibly erotic, especially in the later volumes. Given the time that elapses between releases there is a noticeable change in art style. The earlier volumes and number 1 in particular, lack a sense of refinement. It feels less polished with backgrounds, character detail and the like not being quite as pronounced or filling. It appears to only be volume 1 nitpick as the remainder all look stunning full of delectable lewd detail and angles to really bring Chii’s ordeal into focus.

Chi herself is rather plump as the mangaka put it in an afterword and that is very accurate. She is very voluptuous with large breasts and shapely curves that gives her a divine body. The outfits she is forced to wear really accentuate her better features, digging into her skin, her pussy, wrapping around her body as they slowly ramp up in levels of salaciousness.

A somewhat weak start aside this is a highly enjoyable read, the gorgeous art really comes into its own, the progressively perverted scenarios mirrors Chi’s own descent and it does subvert expectations in some areas. I would highly recommend this for fans of older, ugly men training beautiful girls to be their slaves. If you are going to read this I highly recommend the full colour release I didn’t have access to at the time as it brings the art into another level.

Mangaka: Muchakai (Circle)
Release: 2018 (full colour)
Length: 4 volumes, 4 chapters
Availability: Mandarake


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