Review: Fella Hame Lips

My first experience with a Fue based anime was a very positive one (Fella Pure), their beautiful art shone through and resulted in a wonderful anime so I was naturally excited to see another one of their works adapted, this time by a label I grew quite fond of so what could go wrong? Based on the manga of the same name does this deliver?

Shijima Tarou is a normal college student, no girlfriend and pretty much a loner but there is something he has his eye on. He’s worked 2 years to save up for a new onahole but not just any new one, these are far advanced New Age Onaholes which are basically sex dolls that you can programme how you want and react like a real girl but always wants you. Now he has one how will his life fare?

I liked this setup, it’s simple sure but it is straight to the point and allows for a lot of fun. The onahole developing into a living breathing sex doll makes sense and the way it introduces Naoko and sets her up is a joy to watch. Tarou himself is fairly by the numbers and bland but he is not the focus, Naoko the sex doll is and seeing her cater to his whims is what these episodes are all about, the idealised sex doll serving her master.

This is a purely vanilla anime so you need not fear any harder content, at the most there is a bit of forced action but seeing as Naoko is  a sex doll that continually wants her masters cock that shouldn’t be an issue.

The 2 episodes here effectively split up into 2 large sex scenes. The first of these I found the most enjoyable. Tarou gets his new onahole, plugs her in and begins setting her up for his personal desired traits but accidentally unplugs her before finishing setup, she awakes and Tarou cannot hold in his eagerness anymore as she starts offering herself to him.

She begins giving him oral, her saliva laden tongue wrapping around his cock, sucking, moving quickly, crouching becoming wetter by the second before he grabs her head and becomes more forceful gushing out cum all over her face and dripping onto her body. It is a strong first impression, Naoko is a doll and he is using her as he wishes, forcing her onto the ground, dowsing her in his cum, grabbing her face as he would an onahole as the camera shows her squirting uncontrollably with pleasure. It is one of the strongest oral scenes I have seen, it’s forceful, incredibly salacious with the way he uses her, the angles showing her body reacting to it.

The penetration scenes are equally strong, not wanting to wait any further in the setup he begins taking her in her pussy, grabbing her breasts, roughly thrusting into her as she screams in pleasure before the finale. This is a delectable lewd scene with, again, the way he is using her like an onahole, she may be a hyper advanced doll but she is still just that as he can finally unleash 2 years worth of frustration and pain into her. Every thrust impacts as the camera jumps around cutting to every part of her body pulsating, gripping, tightening for the perfect sexual experience. As first sexual scenes go it matches the eagerness of the wait, the patience he has had for a very intense fucking.

The second episode doesn’t have the same intensity but plays up on Tarou making Naoko want his cock more than ever, treating her like his plaything (she is) while talking down to her and denying her unless she beg lewdly enough. This change in pattern is welcome as it differs somewhat from the rather forceful nature of the first. The erotic nature is still there, the bodily fluids all over Naokos body, clothing that accentuates her body and equipped with the same camera works highlighting and accentuating every succulent angle of Naokos lewd body.

There is a strong comedic element here which I thought was quite effective, from Naoko toying with Tarou, the initial setup procedure to getting a bit jealous and peeved because he used an older onahole which she considers a respected elder while she was out it did bring a wry smile to my face. It’s not too frequent but when it hits it does so making use of the unique situation for well timed and effective laughs.

If there was any weak point it is the same one I have with vanilla in general, lack of variety. The sex scenes are delightful and even salacious but they also feel a bit samey, that it is retreading the same ground without injecting anything substantially different. The second episode does in humorous setup and the way Tarou acts but otherwise it doesn’t quite strike the high notes for me. For others, especially those who prefer vanilla works this is not going to be an issue for you.

Visually this is a disappointment. The animation is at the lower end of the spectrum, there is frequent frame and scene recycling and some of the animation does look a bit rough, as though it skips 1 or 2 frames. Coupled with the slower nature and it makes for an underwhelming mix. On the positive side the camera angles really highlight Naokos use as a sex doll very well with POV shots of her giving oral, low shots of her pussy squirting or close-ups of her voluptuous body.

Speaking of voluptuous bodies Naokos is just that, she has a divine figure, large breasts, shapely curves and delectable hips. She is a sex doll and you can tell as she’s designed perfectly for men. There is also a lot of detail for the sexual acts, especially the oral scenes that bring across Fue’s trademark style with lots of detailed tongue use, saliva dripping off and bodily fluids all over as sweat and cum envelope Naokos body. It makes the whole scenario look rougher, more sordid which I liked thought it doesn’t quite have the mangas refinement. The colours also looks slightly washed out and a bit flat at times.

I came away from this anime somewhat disappointed. I liked the scenario, found the humour funny and the sex scenes themselves lovely but the visuals do knock it down a notch and the sameness did hamper it. If you are mainly a vanilla watcher then this is going to be for you and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.  

Studio: EDGE
Release: 2016
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Amazon Japan


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